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When purchasing a luxury driver, Vietnamese people do not forget to equip the driver with furniture of corresponding value. Among them, leather interior is the preferred choice. This material has the advantages of being cool, luxurious, and easy to clean. However, in the long run, it is necessary to take careful measures to preserve leather furnitureBecause the cost of repair or replacement is higher than other common materials.

Many car owners are obsessed with how not to affect the leather upholstery of the interior. I don’t dare bring food into the car. Embarrassment when it’s wet in the rain or children accidentally jump around. However, with the tips we share below, you will find it easier to preserve beautiful leather furniture over time.


Preserve leather seats

Leather chairs are the items that come into contact with us most often. Therefore, they are given priority care in the series of leather furniture preservation lists.

Remove trash and vacuum

  • It is necessary to clean up all trash in every corner of the chair. Pay attention to water bottles or glasses, when cleaning to avoid letting water get on the surface of the skin.
  • After cleaning up the trash, you lean your chair back. Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean every corner. You should be equipped with a good vacuum cleaner to ensure the cleanest dust collection possible. Poor quality machines will not have enough vacuuming power, making it difficult for you to clean car seats.
  • You should equip a few soft towels to wipe off daily dust from the interior. Saves time on periodic cleaning. If you use a rough towel or cloth to wipe the leather interior, it will easily scratch the leather surface.
  • You should equip a mini trash can in your car to centrally dispose of trash. Avoid throwing trash indiscriminately, especially wet trash such as glasses of water, milk, etc., which can easily damage the skin.

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Handling moldy leather seats

  • When the leather is moldy, the first thing you should do is wipe the damp area with a soft, dry cloth with turpentine oil.
  • You can use potato slices to rub the mold.
  • Or alternatively, use mouthwash, or an antifungal solution. Dip it in a soft towel and rub it on the moldy area.

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  • When removing mold stains, test small mold spots. If the leather layer is not corroded, apply to the entire layer. Some sensitive leather materials will be easily affected by cleaning solutions.
  • Absolutely do not use a dryer to dry damp areas as it will cause hardening of the leather. Open the car door to let the leather seat surface dry naturally.
  • To limit moisture and preserve beautiful, durable leather furniture, you need to avoid contact with water. After washing your car or coming back from the rain, you should open the door to ventilate and dry the leather thoroughly to avoid moisture accumulation.
  • If you cannot do the above methods, go to a Garage near you to treat the mold stains with a specialized solution.

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Choose the right moisturizer for each skin type

To preserve leather furniture with conditioners, we need to know about their uses.

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  • First is skin lotion (lotion): a penetrating material that softens the skin. Helps keep skin soft and supple, prevents dryness, cracking, or fading. The phenomenon of drying and cracking due to leaving the car in hot weather is very likely to occur.
  • Cream: with the main function of restoring skin color and creating shine for the skin. Cream also has the effect of moisturizing the skin, but it is not as optimal as moisturizer.
  • Wax polish: is a type of polish used to polish the leather surface. The wax layer covers the leather layer creating a protective surface that prevents scratches, dust and water absorption. However, wax does not have the effect of moisturizing or preventing dryness. Therefore, you should combine 2 or 3 types together to best care for your leather.

cham soc noi that ve sinh noi th

Conditions for preserving leather materials in each weather condition

For the hot season

  • Wash the car with low alkaline soap.
  • Use moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out and cracking.
  • Hot weather makes drivers sweat easily, so after driving home, the seat should be wiped dry. Because oil creates a shiny film that easily sticks to dust on leather items. Salt sweat easily corrodes the leather and, worst of all, leaves an unpleasant odor on the interior.

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For rain and storms

  • You should keep a soft, absorbent towel handy if you enter the car from the rain. If it is a service vehicle, it should be equipped with an umbrella to pick up passengers.
  • Prepare towels and foot mats on the floor of the car so that when you step on it, water does not splash on the leather.
  • Car seat cushions need to be dried immediately so that water does not accumulate in the crevices of the seats.
  • Do not use a dryer to dry wet areas because it can easily dry and crack the skin.
  • Use balm so that after the wet skin dries, it won’t become hard.

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Note: Choose leather seat liners with good ventilation holes (wood grain seat liners). The wood grain must be smooth and will not scratch or damage the leather of the chair.

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Preserve the leather car key case

Leather car key cases are one of the accessories used by many drivers. With key protection feature, easy to carry with you. The leather key case is used as a close friend and is also pampered and carefully preserved.

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  • Wipe or wash your hands before handling the leather case so that the leather surface does not easily get dusty or greasy. For people who easily sweat, the skin can easily peel off.
  • Trim your nails to limit marks on the area where you press them, which can easily tear the skin.
  • The car key cover is for personal use only and should not be inserted with other keys. Easily causes the skin to swell and stretch too much, causing cracks and damage to the skin.
  • The house key is not included in the car key case. Because house locks are often sharp and have many points, this is the essence of leather.
  • Do not leave the leather lock mixed with other items such as cosmetics, lubricants, etc., which can easily damage the leather.

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Maintain leather-wrapped steering wheel

This is the place where the driver’s hand is frequently contacted. Therefore, they need to be carefully maintained. Not only does it maintain durability and beauty, it also maintains the driver’s health. As you all know, not taking good care of your car will greatly affect the driver’s feel and experience. Tuan Dung will give you simple technical advice so you can properly care for and maintain your leather steering wheel:

Types of Car Seat Material

  • Clean regularly with a soft cloth to remove sweat and dirt.
  • Nourish your skin with moisturizers to keep it soft and long-lasting. A slippery steering wheel combined with sweaty hands and engine oil is very dangerous for the driver.

Caring for car leather carpets

Leather carpets are the objects most exposed to dirt. Therefore, clean leather carpets properly for long-term use.

  • Clean leather carpets regularly at least 3 times a week. Use a broom to sweep away dirt and then use a soft wet cloth to wipe. Use detergent specifically for leather to clean. Do not use strong detergents to remove deep stains that will harm the carpet.
  • In the rainy season, the carpet is easily dirty, wet or the passenger vomits in the car, so the carpet should be cleaned immediately after stopping the car. Deeply penetrating stains will be difficult or impossible to remove.
  • If you are a female driver, you should avoid wearing high heels on leather carpets. The most convenient way is to keep a pair of slippers in the car for convenient and safe driving, while also preserving the leather interior better.
  • You should use rubber carpet lining to make cleaning the carpet easier and prolong the life of the leather carpet.

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