What is the price of a 2024 Suzuki Jimny?

The 2024 Suzuki Jimny range of configurations is currently priced from $34,997. Our most recent review of the 2024 Suzuki Jimny resulted in a score of 7 out of 10 for that particular example.

Suzuki Jimny suzuki binh duong 38
Suzuki Jimny suzuki bình dương

All Suzuki Jimny pricing and specs

Year Price From* Price To*
2024 $30,490 $36,490
2023 $34,760 $45,430
2022 $29,700 $44,330
2021 $28,820 $38,720
2020 $29,700 $37,730
2019 $18,700 $36,740
2018 $18,040 $30,910
2017 $17,600 $24,310
2016 $16,830 $23,540
2015 $16,170 $22,770
2014 $13,750 $21,890
2013 $12,760 $18,700
2012 $11,990 $17,490
2011 $10,890 $16,280
2010 $10,010 $15,070
2009 $3,190 $13,750
2008 $3,300 $12,540
2007 $3,080 $10,780
2006 $6,380 $9,680
2005 $4,070 $8,800
2004 $4,070 $7,040
2003 $2,310 $7,040
2002 $2,310 $7,040
2001 $3,080 $7,040
2000 $2,860 $6,820
1999 $2,970 $6,820
1998 $2,970 $6,820

Suzuki Jimny Towing Capacity: Everything You Need to Know

Do you know if Australia will get the new Suzuki Jimny five-door this year or next?

The backlog of orders for the retro little Suzuki Jimny means that buyers need to be patient. At the start of this year, Carsguide was told that the average waiting time between purchase and delivery in Australia was between six and eight months. While ever Suzuki is experiencing demand like that, you wouldn’t expect any rush to expand the range.

That said, reports have emerged that Suzuki has, indeed, green-lighted a five-door Jimny which would have those two extra doors as well as the possibility of a turbocharged engine and even a mild-hybrid driveline (mainly to suit European tastes). The five-door concept is said to be 300mm longer and will probably weigh a little more as well.

At this stage, rumours suggest the five-door wouldn’t be in production until 2023 at the very earliest, but given Australia’s demand for the two-door version, you’d expect Suzuki to give serious consideration to sending the five-door Down Under.

Stretching out service intervals?


As much as I don’t like to recommend that you don’t service your car I think in this case you could extend the time between services, but don’t let it go beyond 12 months.

Ongoing issues with 2000 Suzuki Jimny

Because of the long time that has passed since the crash it will be very hard to connect the problems you are having to the prang. Crank angle sensors often fail on all makes and models, I wouldn’t attribute that to the crash, and the head and head gasket problems you have had are unlikely to be related either. The second instance of head cracking and the head gasket failure are more likely to be the result of poor repairs to the head when it first cracked.

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