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The reason why car exhaust has a burning smell, smells like gasoline…

Car smoke that smells burnt, smells like gasoline, smells sweet… is a sign that the operating system has a problem that needs to be checked immediately.

The reason why car exhaust has a burning smell, smells like gasoline...
The reason why car exhaust has a burning smell, smells like gasoline…

Car exhaust has a burning smell

A car that has a burning smell is most likely due to an oil leak. When the car is running, the oil burns, creating smoke with a burning smell. This error often occurs when cars go uphill or carry heavy loads. If your car has a burning smell, turn off the engine immediately, then jack the car and check the undercarriage. Check to see if there is any oil leak under the chassis. If you continue to operate the vehicle in a state of leaking oil, it will easily cause damage to many other parts.

White Smoke from the

Car exhaust smells like gasoline

The reason why car exhaust smells like raw gasoline is mainly due to a problem with the car’s carburetor. At this time, more gasoline will enter the carburetor than usual, leading to an incorrect ratio of gasoline and oxygen. From there, the gasoline is not completely burned, so it follows the exhaust gas to the outside.

Car Exhaust Muffler

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Car exhaust smells sweet

When you see a sweet smell from car exhaust, there is a high possibility that the car has a problem with the engine cooling system. Most of the time the cause is due to engine coolant leaking. Coolant can leak into the hot engine, causing an odor.

Signs of Car Exhaust Problems

Car exhaust smells like diesel oil

This is normal. Because diesel engines often smell much worse when operating than gasoline engines.

exhaust from tailpipe 1

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Car exhaust smells like rotten eggs

Car smoke that smells like rotten eggs (H 2 S) is mostly due to a malfunction in the car’s exhaust converter. At this time, sulfur gas will easily spill into gasoline and create extremely toxic H 2 S gas (at concentrations above 25 ppm it can be deadly). But due to a problem with the exhaust gas converter, filtering H 2 S again is impossible, leading to H 2 S following the exhaust gas path out.

vehicle exhaust emissions test 6

How to handle when detecting an unpleasant odor in your car

If you notice an unpleasant odor while driving, pull the car over, turn off the engine, and get out to have it checked. If possible, you should take the car to the garage for inspection as soon as possible. In case you see unusual signs of high risk, you should not continue moving the vehicle but should call an ambulance to tow the vehicle to the garage.

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