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How to handle scratched or cracked steering glass

There are many reasons why car windshields are scratched. The most common of which is due to the use of degraded wipers. Because windshield wipers are aging, hardened, and blunt, it is easy to scratch the surface of the car’s windshield.

The steering glass surface is very susceptible to dirt, even sand. If you don’t spray water but just turn on the wiper, dirt, sand and soil will rub on the glass surface, causing scratches. In addition, improper removal of stains on glass, improper cleaning of glass, and use of rough towels or sandpaper to clean the glass can also cause scratches on the car windshield.

When the windshield is scratched, the glass will become more opaque, the clarity and shine will not be as uniform as before. This greatly affects the driver’s vision, especially when driving in the dark, driving in the rain… If there is sunlight or afternoon light on the scratched area, it will easily cause glare and glare. In addition, a scratched windshield also makes it harder for rainwater to accumulate on the windshield.

How to handle scratched or cracked steering glass
How to handle scratched or cracked steering glass

How to treat scratched steering glass

There are many tips for dealing with scratched windshields that are passed around, such as using toothpaste, using nail polish, etc. However, in reality, these methods rarely remove scratches effectively. According to experts, the most effective way to treat scratched windshields is to polish and remove scratches with a specialized car glass scratch-removing polishing chemical. This chemical often contains Cerium Oxide. This is a specialized substance used to polish and remove scratches on glass surfaces. Polishing your windshield not only helps remove scratches but also removes yellow stains, helping to restore the clarity and shine of the glass.

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Car glass polishing chemicals are currently sold very commonly in the form of creams, waxes, powders, polishing solutions… On the market there are also glass polishing sets to remove scratches with complete tools such as xy/wool wool. polishing felt, polishing solution…

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Instructions on how to polish and remove scratches from car windshield:

Step 1: Clean the steering glass surface

Step 2: Spray water to wet the windshield

Step 3: Shake the bottle of glass polishing cream/solution well and apply/spray evenly on the glass surface

Step 4: Use the machine to polish the glass surface for about 10 minutes, remember to keep the glass surface always wet during the polishing process.

Step 5: Use a smooth cloth to clean the glass surface

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How to fix a cracked windshield

As soon as you detect a cracked windshield, use tape to seal the crack. This helps prevent dirt from getting into the crack. Currently, there are two ways to handle cracked windshields: welding the glass or replacing it with a new one. Depending on the condition of the crack, you can choose the appropriate treatment method.

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Types of windshield cracks

Types of cracks such as surface chip, bullseye, half moon are usually not very dangerous because they only crack on the surface and are not deep. This type of crack can be treated by welding the glass. Although not dangerous, when you encounter this crack, you should fix it as soon as possible. Because if left for a long time, when exposed to external forces, the crack can turn into a more dangerous form.

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Types of cracks such as angel wings and stars should be treated as soon as possible because the damage is not only on the surface but also deeper. Most of these types of cracks can be treated by welding the glass. However, if the crack is not repaired soon, it will easily turn into a dangerous form that will be more difficult to handle and may require replacing the entire glass panel.

Types of cracks such as straight crack, star burst, extended ray on bullseye are very dangerous and need to be treated immediately because these cracks are very deep. With this type of crack, to be safe, you should choose to replace the glass with a new one.

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Crack location and size

The location and size of the crack will also determine the most appropriate treatment for a cracked windshield. The smaller the crack, the easier it is to treat. Normally, if the crack is less than 15 cm long, the possibility of success when treated with glass welding is quite high.

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However, the crack location is also very important. The closer the crack is to the edge, the more dangerous it will be. Therefore, if the crack is less than 4 cm from the edge, it is best to replace the glass with a new one. If the crack is located right in the center, the glass should be replaced because it can easily affect the driver’s vision.

Replace new windshield

Replacing a new windshield when the glass is cracked is considered the best solution. However, replacing new glass will cost more (in case car insurance is not applied ). The price of genuine car windshields currently ranges from several million to several tens of million VND depending on the vehicle. On the other hand, when replacing new glass, installing it accurately and ensuring safety standards is as difficult as original glass. Therefore, if replacing a new windshield, priority should be given to replacing glass from the manufacturer.

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Glass welding

Glass welding is using glue to fill cracks. Before welding the glass, the technician will clean the cracks. Then inject glue to fill in the crack. Depending on the glass color, environmental conditions and crack condition, the technician will choose the appropriate type of welding glue.


With glass welding, the processing cost will be less expensive. The price for welding car windshields usually ranges from just a few hundred to over a million dong. But glass welding can only be applied to light cracks. Deep cracks will be difficult to treat. In addition, glass welding also requires highly qualified and experienced workers. Therefore, if you want to weld car windshields, you should choose reputable car glass welding addresses that have been operating for many years.

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