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How to handle yellowed car lights

For cars, headlights are a very important part to help drivers move at night, when visibility is limited, as well as signal in some cases. However, this part is often dirty and yellowed. Let’s learn how to handle yellowed car lights in the following article.

For every car, headlights are considered eyes. Besides illuminating the road and ensuring safety for the journey, headlights also have a very high aesthetic element because they are always the highlight of the vehicle’s front.

However, after a few years of use, the car’s eyes gradually faded, turned yellow, and the light cover seemed to be covered with a layer of fog that became thicker and thicker each day. This causes the lighting ability of the lights to be significantly reduced, causing serious aesthetic loss, and especially making driving unsafe.

How to handle yellowed car lights
How to handle yellowed car lights


Cars that have been used for a long time can easily become yellow and dirty, causing light to scatter and reduce visibility. This can be dangerous for the driver or other vehicles participating in traffic. Therefore, after a period of use, car owners should take the car to the garage or can clean the yellowing of the car lights themselves at home. So what causes car lights to become yellow and quickly degrade?

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After a period of use, the car owner can easily notice that the car lights show signs of deterioration and yellowing. The main reason is because the car is not properly maintained, the plastic of the car lights will turn yellow, making it more likely that the car will not be properly maintained. The illumination gradually fades. And if the car lights turn yellow, it means you have not cleaned the car lights properly. Because the plastic that protects car lights is polycarbonate, it has the disadvantage of being easily affected by UV rays and weather such as dirt and dust. , pollution and other harmful factors that the car encounters on the road cause oxidation, making the car’s lights easily yellow and dim.


Additionally, washing your car regularly will not ensure that your car’s lights become brighter in the long run. Below are the steps to help you fix the above situation.

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In general, lights are one of the important parts of a car. Thanks to the light bulb protected by polycarbonate glass, the driver will have clear vision when driving at night, helping to avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles. Therefore, keeping car lights clean is an important factor that any driver needs to pay attention to.

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To properly care for yellowed car lights and keep them bright and beautiful, please refer to the useful tips below.

Step 1: Clean

The first thing to do before solving any problem with your car is cleaning. The lamp needs to be cleaned first before starting to restore. Car owners should wash the lights with soapy water, then rinse with water and wipe clean with a towel. Dry after washing so that water does not stick to the lamp during processingZS7LBOB635DALPSAZFPCFGBPH4

Step 2: Use tape to seal around the lamp

Use vehicle-specific tape to tape around the light before proceeding to the next step. Seal all exposed parts that may be damaged during the stain removal process. Be careful not to stick it on the part that needs to be cleaned.


The purpose of pasting this is to protect the rubber gaskets surrounding the lamp (if any) and the surrounding material from being affected by sandpaper or solution.

Step 3: Clean yellow stains with toothpaste

Toothpaste not only cleans teeth but can also clean polycarbonate plastic. This is considered a quick solution to remove yellow stains on car lights. Toothpaste has plaque-removing chemicals and is recommended because it works well in dealing with light oxidation. Put toothpaste on a towel, wipe the entire lamp, then rinse with water and dry. Toothpaste is mildly abrasive, it can remove dirt and fill scratches, and polish the plastic part of the lamp.1e369856 68a4 4a26 b226 b01df5f1

Note: Remember to move slowly in a circular motion for best results. Wash with clean water and dry with a clean rag. Do not use toothpaste with cooling beads, crystals or similar ingredients as they will scratch the lamp.

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Step 4: Polish the car lights

After cleaning the lamp, use a polishing pad to apply directly to the headlight vertically and use a soft cloth to rub evenly to restore the clarity of the lamp. At this step, if you have a specialized polishing machine for your car, the process will be less time-consuming.faded headlights chamoise

Step 5: Finish

When the shine of the lamp is restored. Rinse the lamp with soapy water and then let it dry and use a soft cloth to wipe the lens surface.

How to clean Headlights With Coc

If you find that the brightness of the lamp is good, you should use a little more lamp protection cream and use a soft cloth to wipe the entire lamp surface. Wait for everything to dry completely, allowing the coating to adhere to the surface for a few hours if possible.

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Even though it is only a small part, car lights play an extremely important and useful role in the driving process, especially at night. With the secret to renewing yellowed car lights just shared above, we hope to bring you a lot of useful information in renewing and maintaining your car.

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