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How to check car tire pressure without using a gauge

In case your car is not equipped with a tire pressure gauge, or the tire pressure gauge on the car does not work, please refer to the following ways to detect problems with tire pressure: your.

Tire pressure is essential for a car to operate properly and efficiently. Keeping tire pressure stable not only optimizes the vehicle’s fuel economy but also ensures the driver’s safety.

There are many ways to check tire pressure, of which using a gauge is probably the simplest way. Most modern cars are equipped with a standard tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to measure pressure in real time while driving. However, before you start getting familiar with tire pressure gauges, you need to know the correct PSI value for your car setup. PSI is a measurement of tire pressure, expressing pounds per square inch.

How to check car tire pressure without using a gauge
How to check car tire pressure without using a gauge

At what PSI will the tire explode?

The risk of this happening under normal driving conditions is quite low as most tires can withstand up to 200 PSI of pressure before bursting. However, when driving, especially on hot days, the tires will heat up when repeatedly exposed to the road surface. This friction causes the standard pressure to be much higher as the hot air expands. Every car and tire has its own PSI range, and you can usually find instructions for this in the owner’s manual, on the inside of the driver’s door, or on the tire itself. For example, on an average SUV like the Toyota RAV4, standard tire pressure will range from 32 to 35 PSI.

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Types of pressure gauges for tires

There are 3 main types of tire pressure gauges, with varying levels of complexity:

Correct car tyre pressure Body

– Stick or pencil gauges are long, thin, cylindrical gauges that are considered the cheapest on the market. Therefore, replacing a broken meter will not be too expensive. However, this type of watch can be difficult to read due to its small size.

001 best tyre gauge

– The mechanical meter is designed with a large round face with large, clear numbers and an hour hand similar to an odometer. Typically, there will be a short piece of tubing running down from the dial to connect to the tire outlet. This type of gauge is often used at gas stations, where pressure calibration can be performed when measuring.

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– Digital gauges are the most expensive type, but they are also the most accurate tire pressure gauges. They are easy to read because you simply connect them to the tire and the display will tell you the exact pressure in big, bold numbers. The gauge will show low tire pressure if you need more air and a higher number when your tires are overinflated.

Although these tire pressure measuring devices work very effectively, however, you should not be subjective, because tire pressure gauges can also stop working at any time due to electrical problems. .

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Here are some ways to help you check if your tires are properly inflated, in case you don’t have a tire pressure gauge, or the device on your vehicle is broken. However, the accuracy of these methods is only relative.

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Observation method

If you regularly check your tire pressure, you’ll be familiar with what your tires look like when they’re at the correct pressure. From there, you can detect problems just through observation. The best way to ensure accuracy is to park on a flat surface and look around, paying attention to any part of the tire that sticks out more than the rest of the tire.

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Manual pressure measurement method

Another way to measure car tire pressure without tools is to measure it by hand. Just use your hand to press the tire to check its elasticity. If the tire is too soft, it means the tire is not inflated enough, and conversely, tires that lack elasticity are a warning sign that they may be over-inflated.

How to Check Tire Pressure witho

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