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Steps to wash a car properly

Not everyone knows how to keep a car shiny. If you don’t know how to wash your car properly, it will affect the car and cause it to lose its shine as well as peel off the car’s paint. Therefore, car washing is equally important. To keep your car always beautiful and new, you should take your car to a center specializing in car washing to help you.

But there are a few problems here: there are many car wash places that you need to check carefully before going, to avoid unprofessional work that will affect your car. Therefore, you need to understand the basic steps of washing a car properly. Knowing that problem, the following article will show you how to wash your car properly without fading the car’s paint color. When you are too busy to take your car to the dealer, you can wash your car at home.

Steps to wash a car properly
Steps to wash a car properly

Clean your car properly

To facilitate car washing, you should prepare a spacious, airy parking space, and be fully equipped with the necessary tools for car washing.

Necessary tools:

  • You need to prepare a basin of water, a cotton towel or sponge, a towel to wash the undercarriage and wheels, a brush and specialized car wash, and glass cleaner.

  • The important thing is a mini car washing machine, specialized for families.

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These are the basic equipment needed so you can wash your car at home without having to take it to a shop. If you want to take care of your “box” yourself, you need to equip additional equipment such as: handheld snow foam cleaner, mini air compressor, self-sucking air line, spring air line, blow gun to dry the car quickly. quickly.

Proper car washing procedures:

  • You need to spray water to wet the car. Remember before spraying water to close all car windows to avoid water getting inside the car. Then use a water jet with moderate pressure to remove the dirt layer before the cleaning step.

Carwash by Hand

  • Water should be sprayed at a 45 degree angle and 45cm away from the vehicle surface, do not stand too close.

  • When spraying water, you should also pay attention, spray strongly from the Lazang – tire – wheel cavity – steps if any. When you spray the car body first and then spray the wheels and rims, the stains will bounce back onto the car body, making the car dirty again and a lot of work.

how to wash a car like a pro 100

  • Then use a soft brush that has been prepared in advance to clean around the Lazang and trunk. You must remember to thoroughly clean the steps and door corners, because these are details that are often overlooked.

  • Once you have finished cleaning the tires, wheels and steps, you need to use high-pressure water, spraying water evenly from the roof of the car to remove dirt and mud from the car body.

  • With old, stubborn stains that have been softened before, when you spray water with more force, it will easily remove the stain.

  • If you take your car to be washed at a store, you need to be careful not to let the car washer spray strong pressure water right from the first step, because the strong pressure water flow will not immediately knock dust off the surface. surface of the vehicle, which will push the dust a long distance before being thrown off the vehicle.

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  • Because these scratches are quite small, we rarely notice them, but if the situation repeats many times, the scratches will become obvious, affecting the aesthetics of the car.

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When washing wheels

  • Usually, the wheel contains a lot of dirt, so it is necessary to wash it first to prevent dirt, dust, and sand from splashing on other parts that have been washed. For this detail, you should use a specialized brush to clean the grooves on the wheels and rims. If the wheel is clean, you can use a sponge to wash the wheel like washing the car body after spraying off sand and dirt.

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Wash the car body

  • To clean the car body, you should use a towel or sponge to wipe the car body. You should dip the towel in a bucket of water, wash it before dipping it in a bucket of cleaning solution to continue cleaning. This method will remove sand particles on the towel or sponge to help prevent scratches on the car after each wipe. Wash towels regularly in a bucket of clean water and change the water when the water is cloudy or has grit or sand.

how to wash car car being washed

  • Use a spray hose to wash the body of the car and wipe it with soap. After wiping each area of ​​the body with soap, use a hose to spray it thoroughly until all the soap is gone to avoid leaving soap on the car, which will stain the car’s paint.

Wash the undercarriage

  • The undercarriage of the car is the most difficult part to clean, so you just need to use undercarriage spray to wash away all the stains on the car, and spray from many different angles. After that, the user continues to use a specialized soft brush to clean. Wash each of these parts and after cleaning with a specialized solution, the user continues to operate the car wash pump to wash, adjust the low water pressure, and wash away the cleaning solution and dirty water. prevent them from drying and sticking to the car.

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Clean the interior of the car

  • Before cleaning the interior, you need to vacuum the car to remove stains on the seats or the cracks inside the seats.

  • Cleaning the car ceiling is not too difficult, just spray the cleaning agent on a towel and wipe the ceiling. Because it is the inside part, it will be quite clean and easier to clean.

how to wash your car in the cold

  • Clean the dashboard, steering wheel, and control panel. These are parts that are often affected so they easily get dirty. You also need to clean the steering wheel, dashboard, and storage compartments.

  • To clean the seats, when cleaning the seats you should choose a specialized solution to clean each material such as (leather or felt) you need a brush to clean the stains on the seats.

  • Clean the car doors because all door panels are also made of plastic like the dashboard and you just need to do the same when cleaning the dashboard, steering wheel…

How to Wash a Car Properly

  • Cleaning the car floor is the dirtiest area on the car, but you can easily clean it by vacuuming and spraying cleaning chemicals. As for felt floor coverings, you need to vacuum them and then use cleaning chemicals, which is quite simple.

  • As for cleaning the trunk, this is the least dirty area because it is only for storing things, so you just need to wipe it with a towel and the car will be clean.

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Above are the correct car washing procedures to help you easily “bathe and clean” your car in a simple way when you don’t have time to take the car to a wash shop or want to clean it yourself. car” at home.

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