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Car windows are stuck: Causes and fixes

There are many reasons why car windows get stuck. The way to check and repair stuck car glass is quite simple, you can do it yourself at home.

Car windows are stuck: Causes and fixes
Car windows are stuck: Causes and fixes

Principle of operation of car electric windows

The structure of car electric windows includes: control motor (including motor, gear transmission and sensor) and window lifting/lowering part (including lifting lever and X-shaped lever mechanism).

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The operating principle of car electric windows is as follows: When the switch is pressed, the motor will change the direction of rotation, causing the gear transmission to move according to the impact on the window lifting/lowering part. The rotation of the motor is converted into an up and down motion that helps the glass door raise or lower.

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Causes of car windows being stuck

Broken glass door motor

When you press the switch, if you don’t see the glass move or there’s no squeaking sound, there’s a high possibility that the electric window motor is broken, causing the car’s glass to get stuck.

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Gears are worn and broken

Another cause of stuck car windows is worn, cracked or broken gears. Because the glass door raises/lowers a lot, the gears often wear out easily.

The door is jammed

If the cable breaks or gets stuck in the shaft, it can cause the car window to jam. In addition, a jammed windshield can also be caused by a misaligned door gasket. With this error, when you press the switch, the motor still rotates but the glass door does not move.

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Fuse broken

A stuck car window could be due to a blown fuse in the window electrical system. When the fuse is blown, the motor that controls the glass door will not work, causing the door to get stuck.

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How to fix stuck car windows

To fix a stuck car window, you need to check and find the exact cause. The steps to check car windows are as follows:

Step 1: Check the fuse

If you press the switch but the window motor does not work, you should first check the car window fuse. An LED circuit tester can be used to check fuses. If this device is not available, you can always replace the spare fuse. If you have checked the fuse and found that the fuse is normal or have replaced a new fuse but the glass door is still stuck, do the next check.

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Step 2: Remove the car door panel

Car door panels are usually fixed with screws on the door edge and door handle. Just unscrew all these screws to open the car door panel.

Step 3: Check the wiring system

Check to see if the wiring is stuck? If it gets stuck, it will cause the glass door to become dislodged. Also check to see if the wiring system is still working well, is it cracked or broken?

Step 4: Check the door gasket

Check to see if the door seal is misaligned, causing the car window to get stuck? If the cushion is worn loose, replace it with a new one.

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Step 5: Check the motor

Finally check the door motor. If the door motor does not work or operates weakly, it should be repaired or replaced with a new motor.

Step 6: Put everything back in place

After checking and finding the cause and handling it, install everything back to its original position.

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