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Common car errors and how to check and handle them

According to the development of science and technology, cars are increasingly modernized and intelligent. However, no matter how advanced it is, the parts and systems in the car are still limited to a certain lifespan. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid problems and damage, especially after long periods of operation. Common car errors and how to check and handle them

When detecting signs of a faulty car, the car owner should check to find the cause and handle it as soon as possible. Because if these errors are left for a long time, they not only affect operations but can also become serious, more difficult to repair, and have higher repair costs.

Errors on cars are divided into 2 groups: permanent errors and random errors. A permanent error is an error that always exists until it is resolved. Random errors are errors that only appear in certain situations and operating conditions.

Common car errors and how to check and handle them
Common car errors and how to check and handle them

Common errors in cars

Check Engine light error

The Check Engine light is one of the error signals on cars. This light comes on which means the engine or related parts are having problems. Normally, Check Engine light errors mostly stem from problems in some parts such as spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel injectors, fuel vapor control system, exhaust gas recirculation system…

High engine rpm at idle

In idle mode, the engine rpm is usually only about 800 – 1,000 rpm. If the engine rpm increases to more than 1,500 rpm, there is a high possibility that the vehicle is having a high rpm error. There are many causes for this error such as: malfunctioning idle valve, leaking pipes, broken crankcase vent valve, dirty/broken oxygen sensor…

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Oil pressure is low or too high

Lubricating oil pressure is usually below 0.5 kg/cm 2 when the vehicle is idling and from 2.5 – 4 kg/cm 2 when the vehicle is running. In cases where oil pressure is unusually low or high, it is most likely due to a problem with the car’s lubrication system. The cause may be due to lack of lubricating oil, dirty oil, using the wrong type of oil, broken oil pump, dirty oil filter…

The car has a hard time starting, won’t start

A car that is difficult to start is one of the common errors in cars, especially with cars that have not been used for a long time, old cars that have been used for many years… There are many reasons why a car’s engine is difficult to start, or even won’t start, such as : Weak/empty battery, faulty starter, faulty relay/fuel pump, faulty spark plug/ignition coil, water contaminated gasoline … Need to check to find the exact cause to be able to fix it thoroughly restored. gif maker 2021 12 29T2 1

The car stalled in the middle of the road

A car’s engine stalling is usually due to a problem with the operating system. The cause may be because the car’s cooling system is broken, the engine oil has problems, the fuel filter is clogged, the fuel pump/high pressure oil pump is broken, the fuel injectors are clogged…

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The car runs weakly and accelerates slowly

Weak running and slow acceleration of cars is one of the common errors in older cars or cars that are poorly maintained. When this error is detected, it should be checked immediately, especially when accompanied by signs such as the vehicle losing oil and emitting a lot of smoke. The cause may be clogged fuel filter, clogged injectors, malfunctioning fuel pump, worn spark plugs…

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The car jerks when accelerating

When talking about car errors, one cannot ignore a very easy error that is the car jerking when accelerating. This error often originates from the intake system, fuel supply system or ignition system. Most common causes are clogged fuel injectors, clogged fuel filters, problems with the ignition system, malfunctioning air flow sensors, malfunctioning throttle position sensors…

The car vibrates

The phenomenon of the car vibrating is quite similar to the car jerking when accelerating. However, this car error can come from many different parts. Therefore, first you need to check and determine the location causing the vibration, such as vibration in the engine, axle, brakes, wheel axle or tire… Once you have localized it, find the cause and repair it. Fixing it will be easier.

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The car lost gas

Missing throttle is one of the common car errors found in older cars. There are many reasons for this situation, but the most common is because the fuel supplied to the combustion chamber is not enough, the air supplied to the combustion chamber is not enough, the exhaust gas cannot escape or the sensor system is malfunctioning…

The car stalled

A vehicle’s throttle is a phenomenon where the vehicle’s throttle suddenly increases abnormally. When this car error appears, there is a high possibility that the idle valve or throttle valve is malfunctioning.

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The car overheats and the engine overheats

Vehicle overheating and engine overheating is one of the serious car errors. If not handled promptly, it can easily cause major consequences. This is also a common cause of car fires . A car’s overheating engine often originates from a malfunction in the cooling system such as lack of coolant, dirty water tank, faulty thermostat, malfunctioning water pump…

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The car lost power

A vehicle’s misfire is a phenomenon in which one or more cylinders in the engine do not operate. This is also a very dangerous car error that needs to be checked and handled as soon as possible. The reason the car stalls is usually because the ignition system has a problem, the fuel supply system is faulty or the compression pressure is not enough…

The car is wasting fuel

When a car engine consumes fuel. However, if fuel consumption is unusually high, it is likely that the car is having problems. Fuel consumption is one of the common car errors, especially in cars that are poorly maintained. The cause of the vehicle’s fuel consumption can be due to a faulty coolant temperature sensor, a lack of coolant, a dirty engine air filter, worn/dirty spark plugs, low compression ratio, etc.

The car is losing oil

Car oil will lose a certain amount over time. However, if you see that the car is losing abnormal oil along with signs such as the car is leaking oil, the exhaust gas is gray-green… then there is a high possibility that the car’s oil is leaking, the oil is entering the combustion chamber…

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The car is leaking oil under the chassis

This is one of the common errors in cars. The reason the car is leaking oil under the chassis is mostly due to aging, damaged rubber gaskets, oil seals or loose bolts. This error needs to be checked and resolved as soon as possible because leaking oil will cause the engine to wear out quickly and pose a high risk of fire and explosion.

The car has a strange noise

Strange noises such as clicking, squeaking, creaking, buzzing, squeaking, hissing, etc. are signs that the vehicle’s operating system is having problems. Each type of noise will represent one or several different errors. Therefore, it is necessary to check carefully and find the exact cause to thoroughly handle it.

The car is emitting black smoke

Black smoke is one of the error signals on cars, most commonly found on diesel motorbikes. The main reason is because the fuel is not burned completely in the combustion chamber, following the exhaust gas being discharged. Normally, when the engine air filter is clogged, using poor quality fuel, fuel injectors are clogged, fuel filter is clogged, fuel pump is malfunctioning… all can cause the car to emit black smoke.

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The car has a strange smell

A strange smell in your car is a sign of a car error that definitely cannot be ignored. When you see a car smelling of raw gasoline, burning smell, gas smell, gas smell… you need to check the cause and handle it soon. Because it most likely originates from the engine system.

Car exhaust has a strange smell

Car smoke that smells burnt, smells like gasoline, smells sweet… is a sign that the engine is having trouble. Car exhaust with a burning smell is often due to leaking oil, car exhaust with the smell of raw gasoline is often due to fuel not being completely burned…

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How to detect and catch car diseases

To detect, diagnose errors and diagnose car diseases accurately, you can use one or a combination of the following methods:

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Monitor error lights on cars: Car manufacturers have a pre-set system of error lights on the car. Each light symbol has a unique meaning corresponding to one or a group of errors. Through these error lights, the driver can monitor the vehicle’s condition, promptly detect when the vehicle has an error, and can even know which part of the vehicle is defective.

Using a car error reader: This is a type of device that can connect to the car ECU to help accurately retrieve the error the car is experiencing. This device is often used by professional auto mechanics to check and diagnose errors. Car owners can also equip themselves.

Visual inspection: Through visual inspection, you can identify signs of car damage or malfunction… such as leaking fluid, cracked cables/plugs, dirty sensors…

Check noise: When a car has a fault, it will often make strange noises and sounds. Finding the location of the sound can localize the part that is having problems, easily finding the cause.

Test drive: Errors on the car related to the engine, transmission system… can often be felt when driving, such as the car having difficulty starting the engine, jerking when accelerating, missing the throttle, stalling the throttle, slow and weak acceleration. …

If you detect unusual signs of errors on your car, it is best to take the car to the garage for inspection and repair as soon as possible.

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