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Detailed procedures for properly maintaining cars, ensuring safety

Periodic car maintenance is a mandatory requirement of the manufacturer as well as according to Vietnamese law to ensure the safety of people and vehicles when participating in traffic. Proper car maintenance will help minimize damage and significantly increase the vehicle’s lifespan. Let’s learn the detailed process to properly maintain your car and ensure safety

Detailed procedures for properly maintaining cars, ensuring safety
Detailed procedures for properly maintaining cars, ensuring safety

What is proper car maintenance?

Like other types of machinery and vehicles, after a certain period of use and operation, the details, parts and engines will be depreciated, reduced in quality, affecting their ability to operate. dynamic. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and prolong vehicle usage, users should regularly check, maintain, replace damaged details or parts and have appropriate ways to preserve their cars .

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Some details need attention such as oil, lubrication system, brakes, tires, air filter… to ensure the vehicle is always in the best condition. At the same time, inspection and maintenance also help promptly detect damage to quickly fix, ensuring safety during operation.

Proper car maintenance milestones to remember

Each different vehicle model will have a different maintenance process. The way to maintain an old car will not be the same as the way to maintain a new car. To know exactly when the car needs maintenance, users can refer to the information in the accompanying car maintenance manual. Normally, the vehicle maintenance process for each part will be carried out periodically according to a certain number of kilometers traveled or time of use as follows:


Monthly maintenance:

– After 6 – 12 months: Replace windshield wipers.

– After 12 months: Change engine oil (even if it hasn’t run 12,000km).

– After 12 – 24 months: Change clutch oil and brake fluid.

– At least 2 years: Check the battery at least once.

– Regularly check tire pressure and windshield washer fluid.

Periodic maintenance according to number of kilometers traveled:

– From 8,000 – 12,000km: Change engine oil.

– From 8,000 – 16,000km: Rotate tires.

– From 19,000km: Replace air filter.

– From 48,000km: Change coolant.

– From 60,000km: Replace brake pads.

– From 48,000 – 97,000km: Change power steering oil.

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Car maintenance process 

Check oil filter and change oil 

One of the most important and important car maintenance steps that you need to pay attention to first is checking and changing the vehicle’s oil. Normally, after about 5,000km of travel or 3 months of use, users should change the vehicle’s oil and oil filter after every 2 oil changes. After checking the oil filter, the user also needs to tighten the oil drain screw, and pour in the right amount of oil, of the right type according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

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Check and clean the engine air filter

The engine air filter plays the role of cleaning the air before allowing the air to mix with fuel into the combustion chamber. This part is extremely important and if the air filter is unfortunately torn, it will allow dirt to get in, affecting the engine, even causing damage.

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Experts recommend that in car care and maintenance , car owners should change the engine air filter every 50,000km to ensure clean air quality for the engine to operate well.

Check air conditioner air filter

Users can perform self-maintenance on their cars with air conditioner filter details. Although this air filter is small, it has an important task: filtering and retaining dirt in the air before passing the air through the air conditioner’s condenser, keeping the air in the car always fresh and cool.

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When the air conditioner filter is too dusty, it can easily cause unpleasant odors and prevent air from entering the car. Therefore, users need to regularly check and clean the air conditioner filter, or replace it when necessary. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the air conditioner air filter should be replaced when the vehicle has run 15,000 – 20,000km.

Check the brake system 

The brake is a part that constantly has to operate and is under high pressure when the vehicle is operating, especially in crowded and complicated traffic conditions like in Vietnam, which will cause the brakes to wear out quickly.

Car brake maintenance steps need to be performed regularly, including cleaning the brake discs, removing dirt and helping to increase brake friction. If the brake pads are checked and found to be too worn, they should be promptly replaced to ensure the brake system always operates safely and effectively.

Check the level of transmission oil, fuel filter, coolant, brake fluid, and glass washer fluid

In addition to checking the specific parts above, car owners also need to pay attention to how to maintain their car by checking the details of brake fluid, power steering oil, transmission oil, windshield washer fluid, and coolant water level. Cool the engine to ensure the vehicle’s features always work well.

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Users should also not forget to periodically check and clean the fuel filter to wash away dirt in the filter, ensuring clean fuel supply to the engine.

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Regular car maintenance is extremely important and car owners need to seriously follow it to ensure the car always operates smoothly and safely. At the same time, performing proper car maintenance will also help significantly save car repair costs, avoid unexpected damage and prolong the life of car parts and components to always be durable.

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