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What does electric car maintenance include? Periodic maintenance procedures and schedules

What electric car maintenance includes is an issue that not everyone understands. Basically, the car maintenance process will include: Maintenance of the engine, brakes, brake pads, tires, transmission oil, coolant, wipers. Periodic car maintenance time depends on the regulations of each brand and each detail of the vehicle.

What does electric car maintenance include? Periodic maintenance procedures and schedules
What does electric car maintenance include? Periodic maintenance procedures and schedules

What does car maintenance include? 8 parts that need to be checked periodically on electric cars

To operate, gasoline engines need oil, but electric motors do not, so the maintenance process for electric cars is much simpler than for gasoline-powered cars.

Basically, electric cars only need to use an electric motor and battery to operate, there are no valves, engine pistons or movements that need to be lubricated, so regular oil changes are not necessary.


Compared to gasoline engines, electric car engines have removed about 20 moving parts, so maintenance will be simpler, less frequent, and faster.

However, some parts of electric cars still need to be periodically maintained such as:

  • Electric motor

Electric motors only have two parts that can wear out over time: the rotating assembly and the stationary assembly. Furthermore, electric motors do not need coolant, lubricants, oil filters, drive belts and air filters… like gasoline engines, so there is no need for regular maintenance or replacement of these parts.

Maintenance of electric motors is simply cleaning, lubricating bearings, checking the wiring system…

  • Battery coolant

In order for an electric car to run stably, it is necessary to control and manage the heat released from the battery well, so the manufacturer has provided coolant for electric cars. Coolant can be used for both the electric starter and the cabin heater. And this is also the part that needs to be checked and maintained regularly because if the temperature increases beyond the allowable level, it will easily cause damage to the vehicle, fire and explosion.

  • Train oil 

Most current electric cars do not have transmissions, so they also do not have transmission oil. A small number of electric vehicle models have transmission fluid, such as Porsche’s Taycan electric vehicle, which is equipped with a two-speed transmission, and in this case, periodic transmission fluid maintenance will be required. In the future, when electric vehicle models are designed with gearboxes, car owners will need to pay attention to this issue.


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  • Brake pads

In fact, electric vehicles often use regenerative braking systems with low brake corrosion, so they rarely need to be replaced. However, car owners need to check regularly to promptly detect problems related to brake pads, ensuring safety when traveling.

  • Tire

Car owners need to regularly check tire pressure as well as the wear of each tire to carry out timely repairs and replacements. Tires that are too worn can lead to many dangers when the vehicle is moving on the road.

  • Windshield wipers

Electric car wipers  have the same operating mechanism as gasoline and oil engines, so they need to be maintained and replaced periodically twice a year.

  • In-car software 

Vehicle management system software also needs to be updated regularly to be able to promptly monitor and control vehicle parameters and battery.

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  • The battery 

As the heart of an electric vehicle, the battery can store and provide energy to other parts, helping the vehicle operate safely and efficiently. Electric car batteries need to be checked and coolant added. This is an important step because when the car battery is not cooled, it can lead to a fire or explosion.

To ensure the battery is cooled and operates normally, without virtual batteries, battery drain, damage… car owners need to take the car to professional maintenance centers to receive advice and periodically monitor battery quality.

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In addition, car owners need to maintain other parts such as: Air filter, airbag system, lights… If the car is properly maintained, it will ensure the car’s operation. Always in a stable state, moving smoothly, saving fuel and maintaining a long lifespan.

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Electric car maintenance process

Maintenance of electric cars helps the vehicle operate stably, increase the life of parts, early detect damaged parts and signs of damage to promptly repair them to help the vehicle operate stably and safely. safe, while helping to save time and costs for car owners.

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Most electric car manufacturers on the market apply a warranty process including the following steps:

  • Step 1 : Remind customers about maintenance time and schedule a maintenance appointment with them.
  • Step 2 : Receive the vehicle, inspect and advise on appropriate maintenance and repair plans.
  • Step 3 : Carry out maintenance and repair of necessary details.
  • Step 4 : Hand over the serviced vehicle to the customer.
  • Step 5 : Care and advice for customers after the vehicle is serviced.

Electric car maintenance milestones

Currently, electric car companies will offer periodic maintenance schedules for electric cars based on time or number of kilometers traveled. Each detail and each part will have a different maintenance time and the manufacturer will instruct you on maintenance time as soon as you buy the car. Customers need to comply with the periodic maintenance schedule for newly purchased cars to ensure the vehicle operates stably, safely and effectively.


  • Air conditioner filter : Replace once a year from the time you buy the car or every time the car travels a distance of 12,000km depending on which conditions come first.
  • Brake fluid : Needs to be checked and adjusted after 1 year of use. Next, customers need to alternately replace and check once a year or every time the vehicle travels a distance of 12,000km depending on the condition that comes first.
  • Air conditioner maintenance : Replace every 5 years or every time the vehicle travels a distance of 60,000km depending on which condition comes first.
  • Remote lock battery : Replace every 2 years or after the vehicle travels 24,000km depending on which condition comes first.
  • T-box battery : Replace every 6 years or after the vehicle travels a distance of 72,00km depending on which condition comes first.
  • Engine/battery coolant : Check, adjust and replace (if necessary) once a year or every time the vehicle travels a distance of 12,000km depending on which condition comes first. By the 10th year or when the vehicle has traveled 120,000km, the engine/battery coolant needs to be replaced.
  • Other items such as : Tires, brake pads, brake discs, pipes, brake system connectors, actuators, suspension systems, drive shafts, ball joints, steering wheel, ball joints, cooling pipes, Batteries, high voltage system cables, charging ports, batteries, windshield wipers, and windshield washer fluid need to be checked, adjusted and replaced (if necessary) once a year or every 12,000km the vehicle travels depending on on the preceding condition.

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Are electric car maintenance costs more economical than gasoline cars?

With fewer parts needing maintenance than vehicles running internal combustion engines, there is no need to regularly change oil for parts. Electric vehicles still operate stably, safely and efficiently, thus contributing to minimizing maintenance costs. electric cars. According to some professional reports, on average an electric car costs about 0.061 USD in maintenance costs for 1.6km but an internal combustion car needs up to 0.1 USD, saving about 40%.


The drive system in electric cars has been reduced by 20 parts compared to internal combustion engine cars, so costs and maintenance procedures are simpler and more economical.

In addition, modern technologies are now helping to significantly increase battery life, thereby optimizing battery replacement costs, helping car owners save maximum operating costs.


What electric car maintenance includes depends on the vehicle’s structure. And from the above sharing, it can be seen that electric vehicle maintenance is optimal, economical and handled more quickly than gasoline vehicles. This is also one of the reasons why electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and trusted by many people.

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