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Learn how to protect car paint to keep your car always new and beautiful

Protecting your car’s paint layer is one of the extremely important parts of car care, especially when you just bought your car home and must know how to keep it shiny and durable. The beauty of a car depends mainly on the exterior paint color, but not everyone knows and properly protects this paint layer. If not well maintained, the car can easily lose color and become old quickly.

Below are the tips to help you protect your car’s paint layer in the most standard and effective way.

Learn how to protect car paint to keep your car always new and beautiful
Learn how to protect car paint to keep your car always new and beautiful

The cause affects the car’s paint color, causing the paint layer to peel off

There are many reasons that directly or indirectly affect the paint color of a car , for example, over time the car’s exterior paint layer will corrode and peel off because the car has been in the rain for too long but not washed thoroughly. The car is affected by the external environment such as mud, insect corpses, dirt or fuel accumulated daily, the car is exposed to the sun continuously for long periods of time or due to collisions leading to the destruction of the car’s paint color. ,… Or a case that many people make the most is using the wrong type of cleaning cloth, leading to scratches and gradually losing the car’s original paint color.

What Is The Best Car Paint Prote

Car owners who want to protect their car’s paint should pay attention to some of the reasons mentioned above, which seem very simple but can cause unpredictable harm to the exterior paint of their car.

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Some simple ways to protect car paint that anyone can do

Regularly clean and wash your car and maintain it

When you use your car, you should proactively wash it and don’t wait until the car is too dirty to clean it because dirt, bird droppings or some other compounds are harmful to the car’s paint if left on for too long. Note that soap will adhere tightly to the car’s body and paint surface if washed while the car is still hot. Absolutely do not use strong detergents such as bleach and do not use a washing gun with too high pressure near it. Washing will lead to damage to the car’s paint layer.

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Notes during car washing:

  • The car’s paint layer is easy to peel and scratch when subjected to high temperatures, so avoid washing the car under direct sunlight.
  • Use specialized soap for car washing, use soft rags to avoid using rags with too large particles leading to scratches and peeling of the paint layer.
  • You should wash the car briefly with water and spray water thoroughly in every corner before using specialized soap to clean and avoid rubbing too hard when cleaning.
  • Avoid washing your car directly in the sun as this will easily leave marks on the car’s paint surface because the metal on the car’s tires will quickly dry the soap when the car’s body is hot, leading to the soap quickly sticking to it. paint layer.

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Polish and use varnish properly

Polishing the car with gloss paint is not recommended for car owners to do this regularly, although applying gloss paint to the car can help your car look newer and brighter, but at the same time it can easily destroy the original paint layer of the car. It. Because there are many types of car gloss paint that are not highly abrasive, specifically gloss paint after many uses will lose the protective layer in the coating, causing the color to fade quickly. If you do use it, you should choose a gloss that has the least amount of color wear possible.

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Instead, you can choose specialized wax for car polishing but still protect your car’s paint. This is an advantage of this product because it does not contain abrasive substances. Besides, there is also a main disadvantage: it can accumulate a lot over time and affect the car’s appearance if too much wax is used, so car owners should pay attention to this.

Wash Your Car

Steps to wash a car properly

Using the wrong car towel

This is the reason why the car’s paint color leaves thousands of circular scratches appearing around the car body, easier to detect if the car is dark in sunlight. Choosing a cleaning cloth is also a way to protect the car’s paint. Even though the towel feels quite soft when holding it, car cleaning towels are made of regular fiber towels, most of which have large fibers that have a very high chance of leaving scratches.

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The best solution is to buy in supermarkets or stores that sell cleaning supplies and car care specialized car cleaning towels with super absorbent and quick-drying properties thanks to being made from microfiber artificial fabric that helps wipe clean. 4 times cleaner than regular fabrics, especially without rotting, without scratching the surface and without hardening after use.

Spilled gasoline and drinks containing Caffeine

Filling the tank with gasoline to a full tank sometimes still causes fuel overflow, at which point the gasoline will quickly penetrate deeply into the paint surface, causing considerable damage. Or in another case, drinks containing caffeine such as acidic coffee can easily discolor the paint if accidentally spilled on the car. If you unfortunately encounter the above situations, you should water and dry immediately. protect paint film

Avoid leaving your car in the sun frequently

You should make the most of the shade if you have to stop or park in a place where the sun is not exposed to a strong amount of ultraviolet rays, causing the paint on the car’s shell to reduce its ability to “stick”. is the highest cause of damage to car paint. In addition, car owners should not often leave the car outdoors, firstly because very active children walking back and forth will easily leave marks on the car’s bodywork, secondly, it will be damaged by bird droppings because bird droppings contain The content of nitrate salts and uric acid is quite high.

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The most obvious comparison is that between cars that are not stored in a garage or at home and cars that are preserved, the deterioration is more obvious than ever.

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A car is like a member of the family, so hopefully the above basic tips from Anycar will help you protect your car’s paint as best as possible.

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