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Summary of how to maintain new cars for beginners

Buying a good car for yourself is the dream of many people. And after owning it, you will take care of your car thoroughly from cleaning to maintenance. If you are a first-time car buyer, do you know how to properly maintain your new car ? Let’s refer to the experience through the article below.

Summary of how to maintain new cars for beginners
Summary of how to maintain new cars for beginners

Why should you maintain and maintain your car regularly?

Before diving into ways to maintain your new car, let’s find out the reasons why you have to invest in maintenance for your car.

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Ensure safety on every journey

Regular car maintenance will help the internal engines operate more durable and efficiently. The maintenance stage will include replacing parts and detecting problems encountered during vehicle use. From there, fix it and help the car operate smoothly again. Furthermore, the road frames in Vietnam are not really good and have many shortcomings. Therefore, vehicle maintenance also helps the vehicle increase its ability to withstand accidents that may be encountered during travel.

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Car maintenance is also protecting you

Accidents while driving will more or less directly affect you and the people in the car. At the same time, a good car with a safe engine will help you be more confident while driving. No one can feel secure sitting in a car with rattling noises.

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Instructions on how to properly maintain new cars

The appropriate time to perform maintenance on your car is when the car has run about 5000 km or 4-5 months since the car has been on the road. Below are the car maintenance steps.

image 4 maintain your battery

Change engine oil and check oil filter

Regarding the issue of changing and checking the oil filter, there are many mixed opinions. Many maintenance technicians say that you should only replace it when the car has run a distance of 30,000 – 50,000 km. However, for the car to operate at its best, experts recommend changing the engine oil and checking the oil filter as soon as the car runs the first 5,000 km.

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Changing oil not only helps remove impurities but also helps the engine and parts in the car operate more smoothly, reducing wear and tear due to friction between parts.


The process of changing engine oil and checking the oil filter is quite simple. After lifting the vehicle, remove the engine oil drain screw into the tank and drain the oil. Next is to remove and check the oil filter. After checking, tighten the oil drain screw again. At that time, the car will be filled with the exact amount of oil required by the manufacturer.

Clean the engine air filter

The engine air filter’s main function is to clean the air before letting the air mix with the fuel entering the combustion chamber. After a period of time when the vehicle is in operation, the dusty air filter will block the air from passing through, hindering the process of mixing with the fuel, causing the air mixture to be unstable.

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To clean the air filter, you just need to remove the air filter, take out the air filter, check for dirt, blow it clean and then reinstall it as before. In case the air filter is too dirty or torn, it must be replaced and replaced with an air filter suitable for the vehicle model.

4 car parts need periodic inspection and maintenance

Check air conditioner air filter

Although it is a small part, the air conditioner filter has a huge effect. The air filter will help retain dust from the outside environment before the air passes through the condenser. Thanks to the filter, people in the car will enjoy cleaner air-conditioned air.

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Normally, when the air conditioner air filter is contaminated with a lot of dust and dirt, it will cause an unpleasant odor and is easily recognizable. That’s why checking the air conditioner filter is extremely necessary.

image 7 keep your car clean

To check the air conditioner filter, you need to remove the air filter located under the hood, then blow out the dust, wipe it with a clean cloth and then reinstall it as before. In case the air filter has problems, it should be replaced, and usually this process will happen after running about 15,000km.

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Check vehicle brakes

Car brakes can be considered the parts that are under the most pressure and of course they are very susceptible to wear and tear. Ensuring the vehicle’s brakes are secure is extremely necessary. When car brakes are not cleaned, they will cause scratches on the brake disc, thereby reducing friction when braking. To check the brakes, you must remove the wheel, remove the brake to check the brake pads, check the oil, clean the brake pads if they are too dirty and lubricate the brake battery and then reinstall.

car cleaning oldcars

You see, car maintenance is extremely necessary whether it is a new car or an old car. And in addition to the important parts mentioned above, you also need to pay attention to the condition of other parts such as: transmission oil, power steering… to keep the car in the best operating condition.

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This article summarizes how to maintain a car for first-time car buyers. Hope this article has brought you useful information.

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