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4 car parts need periodic inspection and maintenance

The car engine is an important part of the vehicle, playing a direct decisive role in the vehicle’s performance and power. Many car owners encounter problems and failures when they do not regularly maintain their car engines. So which parts need to be checked periodically?

Engine operation is supported by many different parts. Each part has separate inspection and maintenance procedures and requirements depending on the number of kilometers, time of use as well as specific usage conditions. What I am about to present below will help you better understand this process.

In this article, I will share with you the necessary information about 4 car engines that require special care and attention that you need to check and maintain regularly.

4 car parts need periodic inspection and maintenance
4 car parts need periodic inspection and maintenance

firstEngine oil

Lubricating oil plays the role of lubricating and cleaning engine parts. Besides, it also has a cooling effect by dispersing the heat generated by friction and fuel combustion. At the same time, it protects and prevents corrosion due to direct contact between metal surfaces. Lubricating oil also seals, preventing fuel from being lost. Lubricants limit the contact of metal parts in the engine with air, effectively preventing rust.

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Over time, engine oil will be mixed with dirt and impurities, leading to discoloration and reduced viscosity, which means it will be less effective in lubrication and other functions. From there, the engine parts will not be able to operate normally.

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Engine oil gradually degrades, losing its original lubricating effect, and the oil level also gradually drops, so you need to maintain your car engine immediately. If you do not add or change oil at the right time, the friction process will wear out mechanical parts, the engine will be susceptible to contamination or overheating can cause serious damage.

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Therefore, changing car engine oil is an important routine maintenance job that needs to be performed regularly to ensure the engine operates smoothly and efficiently. Checking the engine oil manually is quite simple and does not take too much time. Normally, on average, every car that travels about 2,000km should check and add more oil if it lacks oil and change the oil every 5,000km. In addition, the oil filter also needs to be replaced at the same time as the engine oil every 5,000km because this will trap a lot of dirt and debris floating inside the engine.

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Cooling system

The process of burning fuel in the engine produces a lot of heat, so controlling the engine temperature at a stable level is the job of the cooling system. The role of coolant in helping to cool the engine so it can operate at its best, keeping the engine coolant level at the prescribed level is always top priority.

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If the coolant tank is empty, the car engine will overheat, leading to the risk of fire and explosion. Therefore, the driver needs to check and add coolant if necessary for the car engine to operate normally. Normally, checking the coolant is done every 1,500km and replacing it when the vehicle runs an average of about 20,000km.

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In addition, coolant can also be lost due to leaks through pipes or cracked cylinders, leading to coolant leaking into the combustion chamber. If you discover a coolant leak, which is usually orange, green, or red in color, in the engine compartment or at the parking lot, or notice an unusual increase in engine temperature, check and Resolve immediately to avoid serious consequences.

Engine air filter

The role of the engine air filter helps filter dirt in the air before being sent into the engine combustion chamber, helping to keep the air mixture ratio (fuel and air) at a moderately stable level. Clean air helps engines burn fuel more efficiently and reduces harmful emissions that cause pollution. Over a period of use, moisture and dirt stick to the filter membrane, filling the air vents of the filter, causing blockage.

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If not cleaned or replaced, the amount of air entering the engine will be hindered, the air mixture ratio will be incorrect, reducing capacity, overheating and easily damaging the engine. Causing soot in the combustion chamber and engine will emit more toxic gases.


The driver can detect some signs that the engine air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, such as black smoke appearing from the exhaust pipe, the engine being hot and difficult to start,… However, before leaving the When that sign appears, when maintaining your car engine you should proactively check, clean and replace the air filter to ensure the car engine operates normally.

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Fuel tank

This is another part of the car engine that you need to check periodically if you want the car to operate normally. In case the tank does not have enough fuel, the inner wall of the fuel tank is exposed to air (it is no longer the same gasoline as when it was full), causing oxidation and creating residue. These residues will be sucked into the pipes and into the engine. Besides, if sediment sticks to the filter, it will clog the filter, leading to fuel not being able to reach the combustion chamber.

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A depleted fuel tank will damage the fuel pump. If the fuel pump sucks fuel into the combustion chamber, gasoline acts as a coolant for the fuel pump. When there is not enough fuel, the pump will suck in air. If this happens many times, it will cause the pump to fail.

Today’s car models are equipped with fuel gauges. Car owners need to regularly monitor the fuel level in the tank and supplement when necessary.

Where is the best place to maintain car engines?

Nowadays, car owners are often confused between choosing a company or an outside maintenance garage to have their car checked and renewed. Both the car company and the maintenance garage have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the needs, financial ability and reliability of the car owner, you will take the car there for maintenance.

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Car engine maintenance at the company’s service quality will always be guaranteed. A team of skilled staff will check, clean and replace car parts with clear, genuine origins to help the engine run smoothly and operate more durably. Using modern equipment helps maintain car engines accurately and effectively. However, the company’s disadvantage is that the number of cars coming in for maintenance is large, so car owners have to wait a long time and repair costs are quite expensive than outside.

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Car maintenance at outside garages will receive the opposite value. For example, low cost, flexible choice of location near where you live. But if you encounter a technician who is not good or does not understand much about the car models on the market, they will diagnose and treat the car’s problems slowly and incorrectly. If you want to save money, you can choose to have your car maintained at outside garages. However, you need to choose reputable garages with a team of highly skilled technicians to ensure service quality.


It can be seen that car engine maintenance is extremely important to help maintain working ability and increase engine capacity, reduce fuel consumption as well as maintain car life. Above are the parts that car owners must thoroughly check periodically and regularly to ensure the truck is operating properly.

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