How many types of International driving licenses are there and how long are they valid?

Today, the international driver’s license is considered the smartest and most effective choice for international students, tourists and workers… who need to drive a vehicle when participating in traffic in foreign countries. foreign. However, do you know how many types of international driving licenses there are? How long are these degrees valid? Let’s find out right away in the content below.

How many types of International driving licenses are there and how long are they valid?
How many types of International driving licenses are there and how long are they valid?

How many types of international driving licenses are there?

Previously, without an international driver’s license, foreigners who wanted to drive vehicles in Vietnam or vice versa would have to switch to a driver’s license from the host country. That means, if you want to be able to drive in countries like Thailand, Laos, Singapore… then you must at least switch to 3 driver’s licenses from the 3 countries above.


There are two types of international driving licenses: IDP license and IAA license.

IDP International Driver’s License

The first type of driver’s license is IDP. In 1968, Vietnam joined the Vienna Convention (Vienna) – the Convention on Road Traffic with 86 signatory countries. The international driving license issued by Vietnam called IDP (International Driving Permit) is a type of driving license under this Convention.

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In Vietnam, IDPs are issued to all Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who have permanent residence cards in Vietnam and have valid national driving licenses… to use to drive vehicles. communication in 86 countries that have signed the Convention.

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IAA International Driver’s License

The second type of driver’s license is the IAA driver’s license. IAA is the most commonly used international driver’s license today because its scope of use is up to 192 countries. IAA driver’s license is issued by the International Automobile Association.

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Only present in Vietnam since early August 2017, IAA has quickly demonstrated and conquered customers with its benefits. The advantage of the IAA license is that the driver can check whether the license is real or fake using the system. This is a special function applied specifically to IAA degrees.

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The class of vehicle allowed to be driven with an IDP and IAA license corresponds to the class of vehicle specified in the driver’s license of the host country. This means that when using an international driver’s license, the driver must bring the original domestic driver’s license to be valid.

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How long are IDP and IAA International driving licenses valid?

According to standard regulations, an IDP driver’s license is a small book with A6 paper size (148cm x 105cm), gray cover, white paper inside as prescribed (sample image), with a security symbol. Basic information and scope of use are written on the first pages in Vietnamese and English. The following pages will contain information about the owner and vehicle classes allowed to be driven in languages ​​such as Russian, French, and Spanish.

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Unlike the IDP international driver’s license, the IAA license is a dark blue book, the first pages are printed with the flags of the countries that allow its use. The following pages are updated similarly to the IDP driver’s license and can be translated into 29 commonly used languages ​​out of about 192 languages ​​in total.

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IAA diplomas issued by the US are valid for up to 10-20 years. A rather long number for a driver’s license with the widest range of uses today. In addition, the IAA license also has a validity of 3 years or 5 years depending on the driver’s needs.

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IAA and IDP international driver’s licenses are known as a lifesaver that not only saves time and effort due to language barriers but also helps owners save a significant amount of money on legalization costs when entering the country. Participate in traffic using corresponding means of transport abroad.

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