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Common mistakes when maintaining cars periodically

Regularly maintaining your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendations helps the vehicle always operate smoothly and safely. However, there are some mistakes when maintaining cars periodically that users often encounter when performing vehicle maintenance.
Keeping your car in the best condition is what any car owner wants. Therefore, you should perform regular car maintenance according to the time limit given by the manufacturer. However, car owners should pay attention to things to avoid when periodically maintaining their cars and not overuse this service because it can cause unnecessary costs.
Common mistakes when maintaining cars periodically
Common mistakes when maintaining cars periodically

Mistakes in regular car maintenance cause costs and affect operations

Regular car maintenance is good, but if you do not understand which items should be maintained, and which items should not be maintained. This can cost the car owner money and even shorten the car’s lifespan.

Replace all four tires at the same time when servicing your car

Car tires are the parts that wear out quickly and often require the most maintenance due to direct friction with the road surface. However, when it comes to regular car maintenance , many people mistakenly think that all tires need to be replaced at the same time. This is not necessary because you only need to replace tires that are worn, punctured, or damaged and cannot be used again. When performing this operation, pay attention to the synchronization of car tires in terms of size, design and type. In addition, regularly rotating tires is also effective in limiting uneven tire wear and increasing tire life.

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Change oil regularly

Oil change is one of the important items when periodically maintaining a car. According to the old recommendation, drivers should change oil every 4,800km. Therefore, many users think that this happens as often as possible. However, with the development of modern technology to save car maintenance costs, users only need to replace it every 8,000 – 12,000km.

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Besides engine oil, transmission oil is also the fuel that needs to be replaced. Although experts recommend changing transmission oil every 80,000km, in reality, car owners can proactively change it earlier or later than the prescribed time depending on usage habits and type of oil. If you do not have experience in this, please refer to your car’s manual or ask the technicians at the maintenance garage for advice.

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Mistakes when periodically maintaining your car at the garage will void the warranty

In addition, routine car maintenance at an outside garage will void the manufacturer’s warranty, which is also a question that many people are concerned about. This is completely wrong in nature because the vehicle warranty period is clearly stated in the warranty manual, regardless of where the customer has had the service done.

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The company’s maintenance and repair centers do not require car owners to choose them. However, when maintaining the vehicle at an outside garage, customers need to save all receipts to prove what maintenance was performed and how much it cost. This will help technicians easily determine which errors are within the scope of warranty and free maintenance. Damage caused by repairs at outside garages will not be included in the company’s warranty.

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Wash the car with dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent when maintaining the car yourself

What not to do when periodically maintaining your car, washing your car at home, car owners should not wash the car with dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent. Because doing this can damage the exterior paint, lose aesthetics and reduce the value of the car. Instead, you should use specialized detergents to keep your car looking like new.

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Require maintenance on unnecessary items

Depending on the number of kilometers, the manufacturer will recommend and perform corresponding periodic maintenance items. If no abnormalities are detected during use, the user does not necessarily require maintenance for items other than the prescribed list.

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Replace coolant every time you change oil

Some users misunderstand that coolant should be replaced every time an oil is changed periodically. Users only need to change this solution about every 5 years when the system is depleted. Although it is not necessary to constantly change the coolant, periodic inspection is necessary to avoid fluid leaks.

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The above information will help users better understand and avoid mistakes when  regularly maintaining their cars . Choosing genuine maintenance centers will help customers feel more secure about quality and cost.

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