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Procedures for checking, maintaining, and repairing car air conditioners

Car air conditioning maintenance is a job that car repairmen need to know to perform maintenance, inspection and repair of cars for customers. So what is the car air conditioning maintenance process like? What work needs to be done during maintenance, inspection and repair?

Procedures for checking, maintaining, and repairing car air conditioners
Procedures for checking, maintaining, and repairing car air conditioners

When do you need car air conditioner maintenance?

  • Checking and maintaining the car air conditioning system should follow periodic recommendations from the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, when the number of kilometers is usually from 40,000 to 80,000 km, the car air conditioning system must be inspected and maintained .
  • Why do we need to maintain the car air conditioning system? Because regular maintenance will help the car air conditioning system operate smoothly, quietly, more effectively and economically, prolong the life of parts, and limit operating problems.

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Procedure for checking and maintaining car air conditioners.

The car air conditioning system maintenance process will have 7 steps as follows:

  • Basic check
  • Check system features before maintenance or repair
  • Check for leaks in the air conditioning system
  • Recovery – Vacuum – refill gas for the air conditioning system
  • Detailed cleaning
  • Check system operation after maintenance and repair
  • Hand over the car to the customer

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Detailed steps for maintaining the car air conditioning system are as follows:

Step 1: Basic check of the car’s air conditioning system:

  • Check the technical information on the label on the radiator cover in the engine compartment. Check indicators and details such as: What type of gas does the system use, How much gas, What type of refrigerant oil…
  • Visually inspect all parts, pipes, condenser units, corrosion, etc.

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Step 2: Check the car air conditioning system features before maintenance and repair:

  • Start the engine, turn on the A/C, let the system operate for 10 minutes at 1500 rpm, set max cool and highest fan speed, place the thermometer probe in the door central air window and connect the pressure gauge to the low and high pressure ports on the system.
  • Read the parameters on the gauge: high pressure side pressure and low pressure side pressure, temperature index at the center air and compare with the manufacturer’s specifications. If necessary, add enough refrigerant to the system and reread the pressure and temperature readings.
  • Operate the system for 5 minutes before checking parameters to ensure that the refrigerant oil is not clogged and the system is in stable operating mode.

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Step 3: Check for gas leakage in the car air conditioning system:

To test for gas leaks in the air conditioning system on a car, mechanics can use the following methods: Use soap solution, gas leak testing equipment or coloring chemicals to check the connection positions on the system for leaks. Is there a gas leak or not?

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Step 4: Recovery – Vacuum – Refill gas for the air conditioning system:

  • Because of environmental safety issues, we should use specialized gas recovery equipment, this equipment is almost completely automatic to help technicians minimize errors during work operations and ensure safety. High.
  • When recovering gas from the vehicle, the device will separate dirty oil and impurities and retain the usable gas, helping to reduce service costs, increase efficiency in using man hours and create a competitive advantage in business.
  • The vacuuming process should take about 40 minutes, ensuring the air in the system is cleaned and the system is not leaking.
  • When recharging gas, you must add the right type and amount of gas, neither too much nor too little because the amount of gas either excess or lacking affects the cooling performance of the system.

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Step 5: Clean details:

  • When parts have been removed from the system such as heaters, evaporators, pipes, etc., the inside needs to be cleaned with compressed air. In case the system is too dirty, specialized chemicals combined with compressed air should be used. to clean.
  • After being cleaned, the parts need to be sealed to prevent dust, dirt and impurities from entering and placed on the shelf to avoid impact and damage.


Step 6: Check system operation after maintenance and repair:

  • After completing the maintenance and repair of the air conditioning system, the technician needs to check the features, air distribution modes, temperature adjustment, etc. of the air conditioning system and equipment. related to the taplo (in case of replacing the indoor unit)
  • In some repair cases, it is necessary to conduct a “Road test” according to the condition of the disease to ensure correct and complete repair.

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Step 7: Hand over the car to the customer.

  • Prepare old spare parts to return to customers and explain the work done and warranty policy for new spare parts.

The above article from VATC Center has sent to repairmen the maintenance process of car air conditioning systems. Hope you will follow the VATC page to read good articles from the center.


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