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Mistakes to avoid when maintaining cars

Currently, regular car maintenance is considered one of the best methods to protect your car, but some car owners are inexperienced and do not understand the maintenance rules, so they do not causing harm to your own car, in this article I will point out the mistakes that car owners are most likely to make when maintaining their cars so you can read them to avoid them.

Mistakes to avoid when maintaining cars
Mistakes to avoid when maintaining cars

Cleaning the engine compartment too thoroughly

Cleaning the engine compartment is one of the most practical ways for you to increase the life of your vehicle. Regularly cleaning the engine compartment will help your vehicle operate more efficiently and increase performance. At the same time, it helps maintain the details inside the hood and improve the working performance of these details.

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In addition, during the process of cleaning the engine compartment, you can easily find parts that are damaged or need to be replaced or maintained. Detecting parts that are about to fail will help with future long journeys. If it’s more secure, you probably won’t want your car to lie on the road while moving, right?

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Cleaning the engine compartment regularly is a necessary task, however not all car owners have experience in cleaning cars. Currently, the components inside the car are mainly composed of plastic parts. Electronic components that are easily damaged such as the ignition system, battery… Some car owners are too careful and often use high-pressure spray nozzles to directly spray these components without knowing that this is a problem. affecting electronic components such as damage, ineffective operation…

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Another mistake in the car washing process that car owners easily make is using dishwashing liquid, soap, or cleaning solution available at home to clean the car. This practice is not highly appreciated because it easily causes damage. affects the lifespan of car components, you should choose suitable cleaning solutions to achieve better results without harming the car’s engine.

Change oil and have cool water ready 

Changing oil and changing coolant do not necessarily go together, change when necessary to save costs in the most optimal way, the coolant system does not need to be changed too often, usually a vehicle On average, the coolant will be changed once every 5 years, however the best advice for you is to regularly check the coolant tank and make sure the water is always between Full and Low levels while the engine is cooling.


In order for the car to operate, a large amount of heat will be generated due to the friction of the working surface of the car’s interior parts, to regulate the temperature in the car, reducing the amount of heat produced. and helps the engine operate stably as well as maintain engine life and improve working efficiency.

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Start the car for a few minutes to warm up the engine 

Many drivers have the habit of starting the car for a few minutes before moving to let the engine warm up. To explain this, they believe that the engine’s lifespan will be maintained by doing so, but this is only true for drivers. old cars. Currently, cars are produced with many modern equipment, one of which is a fuel injection system that can help drivers skip the step of starting the engine to warm up the engine, and a fuel injection system. plays an important role in mixing fuels together to create an ideal ratio to help the car operate better than usual.

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In times of technological development, calculating the intake air temperature for yourself is relatively easy on new models of cars, this helps drivers not have to warm up the engine before moving and saves money. fuel but also protects the environment.

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However, in new car models, the manufacturer does not encourage you to take the first step too quickly. After starting, you should move slowly so that the lubricating oil reaches the necessary temperature. Your engine does not wear out when operating, increasing the life of your car.

Tire inflation is too high 

Continuing to be one of the mistakes that most drivers make is over-inflating the tires or inflating the tires to the maximum pressure level, but the driver does not know that this is an extremely dangerous thing to do. Harmfully, once your tires are too tight, the friction between the wheel and the road surface will decrease and when you brake suddenly, the wheel will have no grip with the road surface, causing the car to slide, making it unsafe for the driver and himself. Passengers are traveling in the vehicle, and over-inflating your tires when traveling in hot weather can easily cause your tires to explode and lie on the road.

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Car tires are one of the important parts on the vehicle and this is a detail that is directly affected by contact with the road surface and plays the role of vehicle load, shock absorber, braking force transmission and traction. Changing and maintaining driving direction, the importance of tires requires you to provide the appropriate amount of air using a pressure measuring tool to inflate the tire most accurately to ensure safety and comfort when traveling. on the road.

Choose the type of gasoline that is not suitable for the engine

Consumers have a habit of using the most expensive gasoline for their cars with the notion that expensive gasoline is better than cheap gasoline, however this is a completely wrong thinking, each type of gasoline will have a different Octane Ron index. and this index directly reflects the fuel’s anti-knock ability. A high Octane Ron number indicates that the gasoline is less likely to cause an explosion.
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At the same time, each type of engine will have its own regulations on compression ratio, that’s why when refueling you need to rely on the compression ratio of your engine and choose a suitable fuel to use. helps the vehicle operate better, more efficiently and at the same time minimizes the risk of fire and explosion when using the vehicle, but also reduces fuel costs for daily travel needs.

Common car errors and how to check and handle them

Change oil immediately every 3000 – 5000Km

Many people are too compliant with the principles of car maintenance , causing the cost of maintenance to increase but the results are not improved. For example, when changing the oil in a car, many car owners often have the habit of Take the car to change the oil every time it runs 3000km or 5000km, however, changing the oil after 5000km should only be done the first time when you first buy the car, after the car has gone into stable operation you can do it. Depending on the performance of the vehicle’s oil, check this detail first and change it when necessary, not every 5000km.

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Changing car oil is one of the important issues that car owners need to know. Oil is responsible for lubricating, cleaning and cooling the parts inside the engine compartment to help with friction and alignment. The flow between the details in the car is smoother and smoother, and the oil reduces wear and tear on the car’s parts, helping you save quite a bit on car maintenance costs.

Running Fast – Hard after buying a new car 

Many people are still quite worried about running their newly purchased car over and over so that the details inside the engine compartment are moderately heated and worn to help the car operate more smoothly and efficiently. Extends the life of some parts such as engine, gearbox, transmission system. However, very few car owners seem to be able to understand how to run at the bottom and often maintain a certain speed and this is completely wrong and is not appreciated.

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When maxing out a newly purchased vehicle, you need to decelerate or accelerate and run for the first 1000km with no more than 80% load.

Not understanding the principles of changing brake fluid 

Mary people often refill brake fluid when there is a shortage of fuel, but this is basically incorrect. You should only refill brake fluid when the oil inside has been used up, if you check the brake fluid level. If it’s low, you just need to take the car for maintenance and the maintenance staff will be responsible for the rest.

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After a period of use, you need to thoroughly check the brake fluid system to ensure optimal safety every time you drive, if your vehicle’s oil level is low on the box and lower than the allowable brake fluid level. For the vehicle to operate safely, this is because your vehicle’s brakes are too worn or there is a possibility that the oil in your vehicle is contaminated with air and water and the third reason is because your oil is leaking, when the problem is detected. What you need to do is take the car for maintenance, not just refilling the brake fluid and that will solve the problem.

Restore the battery by connecting the battery

The battery is a device that provides power to the vehicle, acting as a starting device and ignition system. In addition, details such as air conditioning, lighting systems, and radios need batteries to operate. -Supplies power when the engine is not running or is used in excess of the generator’s rated current. When your battery is exhausted to restore, you should bring it to a maintenance center so that staff can check and replace it when necessary. Car owners should not restore the battery by connecting the battery, because The battery is a flammable device, so if you don’t have expertise, you should not mess with it and endanger your life.

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