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Regular car maintenance and things you need to know

This is the concept of performing a lot of work according to the manufacturer’s requirements. These jobs are performed on cars after 6 months of use or traveling a distance of 10,000km.

Regular car maintenance and things you need to know
Regular car maintenance and things you need to know

Why is it necessary to maintain cars periodically?

Increase vehicle longevity

In fact, during the operation of a car, abrasion will occur between the joints of the components. Regular maintenance checks will prevent unnecessary damage early and prolong the life of the vehicle.

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Furthermore, the road and climate conditions in Vietnam are quite harsh, the air is dusty, the temperature is high, the car often runs at low speed, and the engine is started on the spot a lot, so many details and systems on the car are damaged. affect. Therefore, you need to maintain your car regularly.

Ensure safety and comfort when driving

Regular maintenance will help you detect errors that your car is encountering. You will not have to endure unpleasant feelings such as strange noises, or the feeling of insecurity because the car has problems such as not being able to start, screeching brakes, brakes hitting the floor,…

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Therefore, to ensure safety and create a comfortable feeling when participating in traffic, you should periodically maintain your car.

Cost savings

In fact, regular car maintenance will help you prevent major damage and save costs. Furthermore, when the parts are seriously damaged, it will cause unsafety for the user, so car maintenance is necessary.

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Items that require periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance items and specific maintenance intervals are clearly stated in the user manual and warranty manual. Below are a few typical jobs:

Here is Everything You Need to K

Check the operating function of the control system in the cabin including parts such as lights, horn, wipers, power steering system, air conditioning system…

Check the engine compartment: replace engine oil, power steering oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission belt…

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Check the vehicle’s underbody, maintain the brake system, check the suspension system, tires, pipes, exhaust pipes, nuts, check for leaks, etc.

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Regular replacement items include: engine oil, engine oil filter, fuel filter, air filter…

After maintenance, the company’s technical staff will test drive the vehicle to check speed, braking force, lateral slippage, exhaust gas concentration…

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