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A Comprehensive Review of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra: Unleashing the True Power of Performance

Toyota GR Supra 2024 Coming soon to the market is considered a car with a sleek and sporty design to impressive performance, we will explore every aspect of the iconic sports car This. Join us as we dive into features, specs, driving experience, and more. to help you decide if the 2024 Toyota GR Supra is the ultimate machine for your adrenaline-fueled adventures.

A Comprehensive Review of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra: Unleashing the True Power of Performance
A Comprehensive Review of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra: Unleashing the True Power of Performance

Overeview 2024 Toyota GR Supra

While most of Toyota’s lineup consists of consumer-grade sedans and SUVs, models marked with the initials GR represent the automaker’s highest level of performance. Chief among this subset is the 2024 GR Supra. While it is based on—and built alongside—the BMW Z4 convertible, the Supra brings an entirely different curb appeal. The two models share most everything else though, including 255-hp turbocharged four-cylinder and 382-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engines. All Supra models are rear-wheel drive, and you can choose between an eight-speed automatic or, as we prefer, a six-speed manual. The interior heavily borrows from the BMW parts bin—either a good or bad thing depending on who you ask. However, it comes with few compromises, and there is plenty of space for two adults to get comfortable even on long drives. The Supra’s sharp handling and responsive powertrains, however, mean it is happier nipping apexes than enduring long highway slogs.


Toyota’s flagship sports car continues into 2024 with minimal changes. However, it introduces a special 45th Anniversary Edition model to the lineup, with a limited production of only 900 units. The Anniversary model is exclusively available with the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine and can be adorned in either white or orange paint. It also features matte-black wheels, a black body-side graphic, and a rear spoiler that can be adjusted manually.

2024 Supra

The 2024 Toyota GR Supra is the latest iteration of the legendary sports car that has captured the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts around the world. Building on the success of its predecessors, this new model pushes the boundaries of performance, style, and technology.

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Striking Design and Aerodynamics of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra

The design of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra is a harmonious blend of classic sports car aesthetics and modern innovation. Its low-slung profile, muscular fenders, and sleek lines create a captivating presence on the road. The aggressive front grille, sculpted hood, and distinctive LED headlights further enhance its sporty appeal.

mcmurtry speirling pure 1 thumb

Aerodynamics play a crucial role in the performance of any sports car, and the GR Supra is no exception. The engineers at Toyota have meticulously crafted every curve and contour to ensure optimal airflow and downforce. From the integrated rear spoiler to the functional air vents, every aspect of the design serves a purpose in maximizing performance.

2024 Toyota GR Supra GT Manual C 1

Powerful Performance of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra

Underneath the hood, the 2024 Toyota GR Supra packs a punch with its turbocharged inline-six engine. This powerhouse delivers exhilarating acceleration and a thrilling driving experience. With a maximum output of [insert horsepower] horsepower and [insert torque] lb-ft of torque, the GR Supra can go from 0 to 60 mph in just [insert time] seconds.

2024 toyota gr supra interior

The engine is paired with a lightning-fast 8-speed automatic transmission, which provides seamless gear shifts and precise control. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or attacking corners on a race track, the GR Supra delivers a responsive and engaging performance.

2024 Toyota GR Supra images Safe

Before 2023, all Supra models were equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. However, last year, a six-speed manual option was finally introduced, but it was only available with the optional turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine. This powertrain now puts the Supra in direct competition with the Chevy Camaro SS, the Porsche Cayman GTS, and the BMW M2 Competition.

wlc 2024 Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 1

In fact, it’s even faster than the highly regarded fourth-generation Supra, which boasted a sequentially turbocharged inline-six engine with 320 horsepower. Despite its impressive performance capabilities, the GR Supra’s suspension is forgiving enough for daily driving. The steering is accurate, well-balanced, and responsive, further enhancing its enjoyable driving dynamics. The only drawback we encountered during our long-term test of the GR Supra was its tendency to get stuck in the snow too easily.

toyota overview hero 2024 supra

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Unparalleled Handling and Suspension of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra

To complement its impressive powertrain, the 2024 Toyota GR Supra features a meticulously tuned suspension system for exceptional handling. The chassis has been designed with precision and balance in mind, resulting in razor-sharp responsiveness and exceptional stability.


The GR Supra is equipped with adaptive dampers that continuously adjust to changing road conditions, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and controlled ride. Whether you’re tackling tight corners or navigating winding mountain roads, this sports car offers unrivaled agility and confidence-inspiring handling.


With the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and the eight-speed automatic, the Toyota Supra achieved a 0-60 mph time of 4.7 seconds at our test track. This is faster than the GR Supra’s German counterpart – the BMW Z4 – which recorded a 5.0-second 60-mph time. With the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six and the eight-speed automatic, the Supra’s 0-60 mph time improved to 3.7 seconds. However, when equipped with the six-speed manual transmission, the Supra 3.0-liter took slightly longer to reach 60 mph, clocking in at 3.9 seconds.

2024 Toyota GR Supra GT Manual C

The most efficient GR Supra is the one equipped with the turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which has EPA ratings of 25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. The more powerful GR Supra 3.0 still has good ratings, with 23 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway for the automatic transmission, and 19 mpg and 27 mpg for the 3.0 manual transmission. These ratings are better than those of the Camaro, Cayman GTS, and M2. During our 75-mph highway fuel-economy test, the six-cylinder GR Supra exceeded its highway rating by achieving 34 mpg, while the turbo four achieved an impressive 38 mpg.

2024 gr supra

Cutting-Edge Technology of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra

Inside the cabin, the 2024 Toyota GR Supra offers a host of cutting-edge technology features that elevate both comfort and convenience. The centerpiece of the cockpit is an intuitive infotainment system with a high-resolution touchscreen display. This system seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, allowing you to access your favorite apps, music, and navigation with ease.

2024 Toyota Supra Drivers View 1

Other notable tech features include a premium audio system, wireless charging pad, advanced driver-assist systems, and a configurable digital instrument cluster that provides vital performance information at a glance. The GR Supra ensures that you stay connected and entertained throughout your journey.


When it comes to infotainment, the GR Supra features an 8.8-inch central display with a slightly modified version of BMW’s latest iDrive interface. The range includes a standard digital gauge display, which has a unique design compared to the BMW. Navigation and Apple CarPlay are available, but Android Auto is not offered. While a 12-speaker JBL audio system can be added as an option, we believe that the standard 10-speaker audio system will suffice for most buyers, given the size of the GR Supra’s interior.

Luxurious Comfort and Style of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra

The interior of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. The driver-focused cockpit features supportive sports seats that keep you firmly planted during spirited driving. Optional leather upholstery and carbon fiber accents add an extra touch of elegance to the cabin.

2024 Toyota GR Supra Interior o

The attention to detail is evident throughout, with premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship creating an environment that is both comfortable and visually appealing. From long road trips to daily commutes, the GR Supra offers a refined and comfortable space to enjoy every drive.


The cockpit, which is focused on the driver, feels tight, and even though the double-bubble roof offers some extra headroom, taller drivers will still feel squeezed. The cargo space is also quite small, but the area accessed through the hatchback is spacious enough for a couple of carry-on suitcases or about a week’s worth of groceries for two people. In our tests, we were able to fit four carry-on suitcases behind the rear seats. The interior of the Toyota is very similar to that of the Z4, so those who are familiar with BMW switchgear and infotainment controls will feel right at home.

Safety Features of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra

Toyota prioritizes safety, and the 2024 GR Supra is equipped with an array of advanced safety features to keep you protected on the road. These include adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, rear cross-traffic alert, and automatic emergency braking.

mlp img perf

Additionally, the GR Supra boasts a rigid body structure, advanced airbag system, and stability control systems that work together to provide optimal crash protection. With these safety features in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re well-guarded behind the wheel.

wlc 2024 Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 2

Toyota offers a range of driver-assistance features as standard on all GR Supra models, including automated emergency braking. Additional features like adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring can be added by opting for the Driver’s Assist package. To learn more about the GR Supra’s crash-test results, visit the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Some key safety features include:

Toyota Supra GT4 1a 1024x555 1

  • Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection.
  • Standard lane-departure warning
  • Standard automatic high-beams.

2024 toyota gr supra img 1 ba62c

Pricing and Options of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra

The pricing for the 2024 Toyota GR Supra starts at [insert starting price]. There are also various trim levels and optional packages available to customize your GR Supra to your liking. Whether you prefer additional performance enhancements or luxury features, there are options available to suit your preferences and budget.

2.0 %46,635
3.0 %55,595
3.0 Premium %58,745
45th Anniversary Edition %65,470

The 2024 Toyota Supra starts at $46,635 and goes up to $65,470. The base trim level comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder, but all the others come with a turbocharged inline-six. Although there’s little driving emotion lost with the four-cylinder GR Supra 2.0, we think the ripping acceleration of the six-cylinder 3.0 is worth the added cost. We would skip the Driver Assist package, which adds adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and a lane-keeping assist system that is more annoying than useful.

wlc 2024 Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 2

The new six-speed manual offered with the 3.0 model costs the same as the automatic and is a no-brainer. Every GR Supra comes with a one-year membership to the National Auto Sport Association sports-car racing sanctioning organization and a complimentary day at a high-performance driving event. And just think: The money you save by not purchasing the Driver’s Assist package can go towards additional track time and fresh rubber.

2024ToyotaGRSupra header 01

Specifications of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra

2023 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Manual Vehicle Type: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door hatchback
PRICE Base/As Tested: $53,595/$61,085
ENGINE turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve inline-6, aluminum block and head, direct fuel injection
Displacement: 183 in3, 2998 cm3
Power: 382 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque: 368 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm
TRANSMISSION 6-speed manual
CHASSIS Suspension, F/R: struts/multilink
Brakes, F/R: 13.7-in vented disc/13.6-in vented disc
Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sport
F: 255/35R-19 (96Y) ★
R: 275/35R-19 (100Y) ★
DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 97.2 in
Length: 172.5 in
Width: 73.0 in
Height: 50.9 in
Passenger Volume: 51 ft3
Cargo Volume: 10 ft3
Curb Weight: 3343 lb
C/D TEST RESULTS 60 mph: 3.9 sec
100 mph: 9.6 sec
1/4-Mile: 12.4 sec @ 114 mph
130 mph: 16.1 sec
150 mph: 22.9 sec
Results above omit 1-ft rollout of 0.3 sec.
Rolling Start, 5–60 mph: 4.7 sec
Top Gear, 30–50 mph: 5.9 sec
Top Gear, 50–70 mph: 4.7 sec
Top Speed (gov ltd): 161 mph
Braking, 70–0 mph: 150 ft
Braking, 100–0 mph: 299 ft
Roadholding, 300-ft Skidpad: 1.02 g
EPA FUEL ECONOMY Combined/City/Highway: 21/19/27 mpg

Feelings about 2024 Toyota GR Supra

The 2024 Toyota GR Supra is an exceptional sports car that combines breathtaking performance, stunning design, advanced technology, and luxurious comfort. With its powerful engine, precise handling, and cutting-edge features, it offers an unparalleled driving experience for enthusiasts who crave excitement on every journey.

wlc 2024 Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 3

If you’re in search of a sports car that turns heads wherever it goes and delivers an adrenaline rush like no other, the 2024 Toyota GR Supra should be at the top of your list. Experience automotive excellence at its finest with this iconic machine that continues to push the boundaries of performance and style. 2024 toyota gr supr


FAQ: 2024 Toyota GR Supra

How much will the 2024 Supra cost?

The 2024 GR Supra is expected to arrive on dealer lots this fall with a starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) of $45,540 plus Dealer Processing and Handling (DPH) of $1,095 for the GR Supra 2.0 model. The GR Supra 3.0 model starts at an MSRP of $54,500 plus DPH (AT or MT equipped.

How much horsepower does the 2024 Supra have?

Available with a 6-speed intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) that optimizes your revs as you shift, the 3.0L 6-cylinder engine puts 382 horsepower * and 368 lb. -ft. of torque at your fingertips.

Does the 2024 Supra have a BMW engine?

As it stands, the six-cylinder GR Supra currently features a 334bhp turbocharged 3-litre in-line six-cylinder engine with the B58 designation. This engine is used in a variety of BMW models from the M340i saloon to the X7 SUV, but rumour has it that the GRMN will finally adopt a full-fat M motor.

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