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Review of the 2025 Volvo EX30: The Future of Electric SUVs

The Volvo EX30 hopes to stand out from the likes of the Audi Q4 E-Tron and Tesla Model Y by offering a big personal experience in a compact and affordable body.

When it goes on sale next year, the 2025 EX30 will be Volvo’s smallest, cheapest model. At 166.7 inches (4m2) long, 72.3 inches (1m85) wide and 61.1 inches (1m55) tall, the EX30 electric vehicle is about the same size as a Hyundai Kona. And with an expected starting price of $36,145 including a $1,195 destination charge, the EX30 will cost $18,600 less than Volvo’s current lowest-priced electric vehicle, the entry-level XC40 Recharge.

Volvo poses an important question to those interested in electric vehicles: Is the 2025 Volvo EX30’s small carbon footprint worth the trade-off for its compact size? This Chinese-owned Swedish car company introduces its most compact SUV to date, the 2025 Volvo EX30, which is only slightly larger than a Mini Cooper. Equipped with a battery-electric drivetrain that offers a range of up to 275 miles, it joins the XC40 Recharge in Volvo’s lineup, while the anticipated arrival of the EX90 electric flagship SUV has been rescheduled for early next year. The EX30 brings Volvo closer to its goal of becoming an all-electric brand by 2030. It is a fast and value-packed electric car that offers above-average range.

However, its SUV capabilities are limited, and those accustomed to Volvo’s recent luxurious vibe will find it lacking in that aspect. Nevertheless, Volvo promises that the EX30 will have the lowest carbon footprint ever seen in the brand. This is partly due to its smaller size, which requires less material, but Volvo also emphasizes that a significant portion of the metal used in the EX30 will be recycled, along with the majority of the plastics and natural materials found inside the vehicle. Additionally, the point of assembly for the EX30 relies on 100% climate-neutral electricity. The question remains: does this make it enjoyable to drive and a satisfying purchase? I had the opportunity to test drive the EX30 in Barcelona’s traffic and around the Catalan countryside, and I experienced a familiar Volvo vibe that harked back to previous generations, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the brand’s humble beginnings.

Review of the 2025 Volvo EX30: The Future of Electric SUVs

Overview of the 2025 Volvo EX30

Volvo is expanding its electric vehicle (EV) offerings with the launch of the stylish EX30 SUV. The EX30 comes with a high-tech platform and is available in Single- and Dual-Motor versions. The Single-Motor version features a rear-wheel-drive setup, delivering 268 horsepower, while the Dual-Motor version offers an all-wheel-drive arrangement with 422 horsepower, making it Volvo’s fastest-accelerating vehicle to date. Both versions come equipped with a 64.0-kWh battery pack, providing up to 275 miles of driving range per charge. The EX30 boasts sleek LED lighting elements and Volvo’s renowned comfortable bucket seats. While style takes precedence in the cabin, sustainability is not forgotten. Volvo has used recycled materials for the SUV’s upholstery and partnered with carbon-neutral suppliers to enhance its environmental friendliness. Positioned below the C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge duo, the EX30 introduces a new entry-level option in Volvo’s lineup.

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The EX30 is a new model from Volvo, which falls under the EX category that the company is reserving for its next-generation electric vehicles (EVs). Set to be available for purchase in the summer of 2024, it will accompany the larger EX90 SUV in Volvo’s expanding selection of electric SUVs.

Design and Exterior of the 2025 Volvo EX30

The 2025 Volvo EX30 is a vehicle that exudes modernity and style, with its sleek and futuristic design that effortlessly blends elegance with a hint of sportiness. The aerodynamic silhouette of the car not only adds to its visual appeal but also plays a crucial role in enhancing its energy efficiency, making it a smart choice for environmentally conscious drivers.

2025 volvo

One of the standout features of the EX30 is its front fascia, which showcases Volvo’s iconic Thor’s Hammer LED headlights. These headlights not only provide excellent visibility on the road but also add a touch of sophistication to the overall design. The sculpted body lines and prominent wheel arches further contribute to the EX30’s bold and muscular stance, giving it an undeniable presence on the road.

020 2025 volvo ex30 front three

In addition to its striking appearance, the EX30 also delivers impressive performance capabilities. The use of lightweight materials in its construction ensures optimal weight distribution, which in turn enhances its handling and agility. This means that drivers can enjoy a responsive and nimble driving experience, whether they’re navigating city streets or embarking on exhilarating adventures.

EX30 reveal 23

Overall, the 2025 Volvo EX30 is a vehicle that effortlessly combines style, performance, and eco-friendliness. With its sleek design, advanced lighting technology, and thoughtful engineering, it is clear that Volvo has created a car that is not only visually appealing but also delivers on the promise of an exceptional driving experience.

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Interior and Comfort of the 2025 Volvo EX30

Step inside the 2025 Volvo EX30, and you’ll be greeted by a spacious and luxurious cabin that exudes Scandinavian design philosophy. The interior is crafted with premium materials, including sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly trims, showcasing Volvo’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. The ergonomic seats offer exceptional comfort and support, perfect for long drives or city commutes. The intuitive infotainment system features a large touchscreen display that provides seamless connectivity and access to a range of advanced features.

carlist 20230608164539 743

The EX30 is essentially an electric hatchback wrapped in a compact SUV body. It features a single rear-mounted 200-kW motor and rear-wheel drive. The Core model, with 268 hp and 253 lb-ft of torque, can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. The car swiftly maneuvers through traffic and effortlessly climbs the Barcelona hills near the old Olympic venues. Its top speed is limited to 112 mph. The dual-motor version, equipped with a front 115-kW motor and the same 69 kWh nickel-manganese-cobalt battery, can achieve a claimed 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds and the same top speed. With a net output of 422 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, the twin-motor EX30 is the fastest factory Volvo ever produced, surpassing even the performance of Polestar Engineered vehicles. It responds instantly to throttle inputs and effortlessly overtakes other vehicles on the road.

The charging capabilities of the EX30 are impressive, with the dual-motor variant capable of fast-charging from 10% to 80% in less than half an hour at a peak charge rate of 153 kW. Volvo has not disclosed the charging time for the single-motor version. The estimated range for the dual-motor EX30 is 265 miles, which surpasses the base range ratings of competitors like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (220 miles) and the base Tesla Model Y (260 miles). In terms of charging infrastructure, Volvo plans to transition to a Tesla-style NACS charging port, but early EX30 models will come with a CCS charger and owners will be provided with a NACS adapter.

Despite its energetic performance, the EX30 doesn’t sacrifice ride comfort. The suspension is well-tuned, providing a compliant and composed ride even when encountering rough roads. The steering is light and responsive, complementing the quiet drivetrain and smooth ride quality. The car also offers regenerative braking and one-pedal driving, although the latter is not available in Performance mode if the battery charge is below 80%. Volvo can easily adjust the regenerative braking settings through over-the-air updates or firmware interventions.

In terms of its SUV characteristics, the EX30 is on the heavier side, weighing over 3,858 pounds for the single-motor version and 4,140 pounds for the dual-motor variant. It offers 7.0 inches of ground clearance and a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds but is not designed for serious off-roading. For those seeking improved off-road capabilities, Volvo plans to release a Cross Country edition in the future with better ground clearance.

Overall, the EX30 combines sporty performance, comfortable ride quality, and impressive charging capabilities, making it an enticing crossover option in the market.

carlist 20230608164537 212

The interior of the EX30 incorporates recycled materials to reduce its environmental impact. One upholstery option, for instance, utilizes waste from the denim recycling process. Other options include an interior made from flax and a wool alternative that is produced using recycled polyester. The interior design of the EX30 is minimalistic, in line with Volvo’s Scandinavian design strategy, but with some unique features. For instance, the glovebox has been moved to the center of the dashboard, beneath the infotainment screen, making it more accessible for the driver. Additionally, the SUV’s cupholders can be folded up when not in use to create more space.

carlist 20230608164537 445

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Performance and Efficiency of the 2025 Volvo EX30

Equipped with advanced electric drivetrain technology, the 2025 Volvo EX30 delivers impressive performance while being environmentally friendly. The electric motor produces instant torque, allowing for swift acceleration and a smooth driving experience. The lithium-ion battery pack offers an impressive range, ensuring that you can drive worry-free for extended distances. Additionally, regenerative braking helps recharge the battery while decelerating, further enhancing overall efficiency.

2025 Volvo EX30 1

The Single Motor Extended Range model is powered by a 268-hp electric motor mounted on the rear axle, which provides 253 pound-feet of torque. According to Volvo, it should take around 5.1 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph with this configuration. On the other hand, the Dual Motor Performance model is designed to satisfy thrill seekers with its powerful electric punch. Equipped with a motor on each axle, it offers a total of 422 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque.

2025 Volvo EX30 2

Volvo claims that the Dual Motor model can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. So far, we have only had the opportunity to experience the dual-motor EX30 from the passenger seat, but we found it to provide a pleasantly stable ride. The Cross Country model, which will be available later on, will offer increased ground clearance and will likely only be offered with the dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. Although Volvo has not yet provided all the details for this model, we do not expect to see any hardcore off-roading equipment included in this package.

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Safety Features of the 2025 Volvo EX30

Volvo has always been synonymous with safety, and the 2025 EX30 continues this legacy. The SUV comes equipped with an array of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that prioritize occupant safety. Features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot monitoring help prevent accidents and increase overall awareness on the road. Furthermore, the EX30 offers comprehensive collision mitigation systems that detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles to avoid potential accidents.

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Like other Volvos, the XC30 will come standard with a suite of driver-assistance features to help avoid accidents. For more information about the XC30’s crash-test results, visit the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Key safety features are likely to include:

volvo ex30 tu 36245 usd den tay

  • Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection.
  • Standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist.
  • Standard adaptive cruise control with a lane-centering feature.

Technology and Connectivity of the 2025 Volvo EX30

In line with Volvo’s commitment to innovation, the 2025 EX30 is packed with cutting-edge technology and connectivity features. The infotainment system includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, allowing seamless smartphone integration for music streaming, navigation, and hands-free calling. Additionally, the EX30 offers advanced voice control functionality, enabling drivers to operate various functions without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

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Taking inspiration from Tesla, the EX30 will have a single vertically oriented display screen that functions as both the infotainment and gauge display. This 12.3-inch screen utilizes an upgraded version of Volvo’s Google-based interface and incorporates Google Maps for navigation, along with wireless Apple CarPlay. The EX30’s audio system is distinctive in that Volvo has chosen to install a soundbar across the bottom of the dashboard instead of placing individual speakers throughout the vehicle.

2025 volvo ex30 cc 006 1024x576 1

Range, Charging, and Battery Life of the 2025 Volvo EX30

All versions of the EX30 are equipped with a 64.0-kWh battery pack, which Volvo states is sufficiently large to offer up to 275 miles of driving range on a single charge for rear-wheel-drive models. For all-wheel-drive models, the estimated range is 265 miles per charge. Both models can be charged using a DC fast-charging connection, with a peak charging rate of 153 kW. According to Volvo, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in under half an hour using this type of connection.

carlist 20230608164855 783

As an all-electric SUV, the 2025 Volvo EX30 is a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions and creating a sustainable future. Apart from its zero-emission powertrain, the EX30 incorporates various sustainable materials in its construction. Volvo’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the manufacturing process; they are also investing in renewable energy sources and working towards achieving carbon neutrality throughout their operations.

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The EPA has not yet released fuel economy estimates for the EX30. However, we anticipate that it will be comparable to other small electric SUVs like the Hyundai Kona Electric and the Kia Niro EV. Once we have the opportunity, we will conduct our own 75-mph highway fuel economy test on the EX30 and provide an update on the results in this article.

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Additional Features of the 2025 Volvo EX30

  • Panoramic sunroof for an airy cabin experience.
  • Advanced parking assist system for effortless parking in tight spaces.
  • High-quality audio system for an immersive music experience.
  • Multiple driving modes to cater to different preferences and road conditions.
  • Ample cargo space for all your storage needs during road trips or daily commutes.

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Pricing and Availability of the 2025 Volvo EX30

The pricing details for the 2025 Volvo EX30 are yet to be announced officially. However, considering Volvo’s competitive pricing strategy for their EV lineup, we can expect it to be reasonably priced compared to its competitors. As for availability, Volvo has a global presence and is likely to launch the EX30 in major markets worldwide.

Core Single Motor
Plus Single Motor $40,195
Ultra Single Motor $41,895
Plus Twin Motor $46,195
Ultimate Twin Motor $47,895

While the starting price of the EX30 is particularly attractive, we would recommend the mid-range Plus trim with the single-motor powertrain. Although its 268-hp setup may not be as fast as the 422 dual-motor version, you do get a slightly increased driving range in exchange. The Plus trim also includes desirable features such as a panoramic sunroof, 19-inch wheels, and a Harman/Kardon stereo system.

Specifications of the 2025 Volvo EX30

2025 Volvo EX30 Vehicle Type: rear- or front- and rear-motor, rear- or all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door wagon
PRICE Single Motor Extended Range, $36,145; Twin Motor Performance, $40,000 (C/D est)
POWERTRAINS Rear-Drive Single Motor: permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 268 hp, 253 lb-ft
All-Wheel-Drive Front Motor: permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 154 hp
All-Wheel-Drive Rear Motor: permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 268 hp
Combined Power: 422 hp
Combined Torque: 400 lb-ft
Battery Pack: liquid-cooled lithium-ion, 64.0 kWh
Peak DC Fast-Charge Rate: 153 kW
Transmissions, F/R: direct-drive
DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 104.3 in
Length: 166.7 in
Width: 72.3
Height: 61.1 in
Passenger Volume, F/R: 55/38 ft3
Cargo Volume, Behind F/R: 32/TBA ft3
Curb Weight (C/D est): 3900–4150 lb
PERFORMANCE (C/D EST) 60 mph: 3.3–5.0 sec
1/4-Mile: 12.0–13.0 sec
Top Speed: 150 mph
EPA FUEL ECONOMY (C/D EST) Combined/City/Highway: 130–139/140–145/120–125 MPGe
Range: 265–275 mi

Feelings about 2025 Volvo EX30

The 2025 Volvo EX30 represents an exciting milestone in the evolution of electric SUVs. With its futuristic design, impressive performance, advanced safety features, and commitment to sustainability, this all-electric SUV sets a new benchmark for its competitors. As Volvo continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the EX30 showcases their dedication towards creating a greener and safer future on the roads. If you’re considering an electric SUV that offers style, comfort, and sustainability without compromising on performance, the 2025 Volvo EX30 should be at the top of your list.

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The 2025 Volvo EX30 is an impressive electric SUV that combines style, performance, safety, and sustainability in one package. With its striking design, advanced technology, and commitment to reducing environmental impact, it sets a new standard for electric vehicles in its class. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or an eco-conscious driver looking for luxury without compromising on sustainability, the EX30 is poised to be a game-changer in the automotive industry.

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FAQ: 2025 Volvo EX30

What is the range of Volvo EX30?

You get a 51kWh battery that results in a range of 214 miles. Step up to the Single Motor Extended Range version and it uses the same single-motor setup as above, but it’s paired with a 69kWh battery with a 299-mile range.

How much is the EX30 performance?

The single-motor EX30 has three trims: Core ($36,245), Plus ($40,195) and Ultra ($41,895). Stepping up to the dual-motor EX30 leaves just the Plus and Ultra trims, priced at $46,195 and $47,895, respectively.

Does Volvo EX30 have CarPlay?

The 2024 Volvo EX30 has a next-generation infotainment system powered by Snapdragon® Cockpit Platforms with connectivity features like Google built-in services, Apple CarPlay®, 5G data capabilities, over-the-air updates, and much more.

Image of Volvo EX30 2024

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