General Motors wants to make their cars more usable with ChatGPT, but who wants a real Knight Rider KITT?

Process automation is a key part of how humans have evolved so rapidly compared to the rest of history over the past century or so, but like the Internet in the 1990s, new variables that are relatively unknown have been exposed. introduce it into the equation. General Motors wants to make their cars more usable with ChatGPT, but who wants a real Knight Rider KITT?

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General Motors wants to make their cars more usable with ChatGPT, but who wants a real Knight Rider KITT?

As one of the world’s largest automakers, General Motors is always at the forefront of innovation and constantly strives to improve the driving experience for its customers. And now, with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, GM is targeting new frontiers.
Make your car more convenient than ever.

But what does it mean to make a car “useful”? For GM, this means harnessing the power of ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model trained by OpenAI, to help cars navigate in a more natural and intuitive way. It means being able to understand and respond to human speech.

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General Motors wants to make their cars more usable with ChatGPT, but who wants a real Knight Rider KITT? 5

Imagine being able to talk to your car like a personal assistant to play your favorite song, navigate to the nearest gas station, or order your favorite coffee morning at his shop. . ChatGPT makes this vision a reality.

Of course, some might argue that the ultimate vision of the convenience car is embodied in the iconic AI-powered KITT from the 1980s TV series Knight Rider. Equipped with advanced sensors, voice recognition and self-driving capabilities, his KITT was truly ahead of its time and embodied the ideal of a car, not just a machine, but a trusted partner.

So who wants the real KITT? Of course, the answer is a resounding yes. But while we may not yet have fully autonomous self-driving cars with advanced AI systems, the technology is advancing rapidly and it is only a matter of time before cars become true partners on the road. 

So far, the widely used text-based AI ChatGPT (an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has been used by high school students who are trying to escape by submitting generated tasks, or by asking ChatGPT to summarize concepts. used by young people. We understand them, but that’s not all.
It will affect everything,” GM vice president Scott Miller said in an interview with Reuters.

Miller said AI could become something of a driver’s personal assistant, giving advice in situations such as punctures and explaining the process of changing or repairing a tire. Did.

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General Motors wants to make their cars more usable with ChatGPT, but who wants a real Knight Rider KITT? 6

First reported by Semafor, the news comes with Miller providing little more details than the idea that AI would allow such a system to surpass the current voice-activated standard.

“This shift is not just about one single capability like the evolution of voice commands, but instead means that customers can expect their future vehicles to be far more capable and fresh overall when it comes to emerging technologies,” a GM spokesperson told Reuters.

OpenAI, the startup company which created the AI model that powers ChatGPT as well as image-generator Dall-e (which created the main image for this article), has just created the latest iteration of its AI model, called GPT-4.

“GPT-4 is a large multimodal model (accepting image and text inputs, emitting text outputs) that, while less capable than humans in many real-world scenarios, exhibits human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks,” the company said in its announcement.

The pace with which OpenAI is developing its AI modelling means that it’s not unreasonable to expect to soon see similar, albeit situationally limited, versions of the GPT modelling in the real world, including in our cars. General Motors is now investigating the use of chatbots in cars thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, which is powering its Azure platform with the technology behind ChatGPT, and chatbots are now powered by the Bing search engine. is paired with  

The Legendary Knight Rider KITT: A Tribute to the Most Advanced Car of the 80s

The 80s was the era of iconic TV shows, and one of the most popular ones was Knight Rider. The show revolved around Michael Knight, a lone crusader who fights for justice with the help of an advanced car called KITT. Knight Rider KITT, short for Knight Industries Two Thousand, was a dream car that captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. KITT was not just a car, but a character in its own right, with a distinct personality, unique features, and advanced technology that made it ahead of its time. In this article, we will take a closer look at Knight Rider KITT and explore what made it so special.

The Birth of Knight Rider KITT

The idea of Knight Rider KITT was born out of the success of another popular TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man. Glen A. Larson, the creator of Knight Rider, wanted to create a show that had a similar concept of a man with advanced technology. Larson’s initial idea was to have a robotic sidekick for Michael Knight, but it evolved into an advanced car that would be the ultimate weapon against crime. The showrunners knew they needed a car that was not just fast, but smart and hi-tech. And so, Knight Rider KITT was born.

The Features of Knight Rider KITT

Knight Rider KITT was no ordinary car. It was a highly advanced vehicle with features that were way ahead of its time. Here are some of the most notable features of Knight Rider KITT:

1. Artificial Intelligence

The most prominent feature of Knight Rider KITT was its Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. KITT was programmed to think and learn like a human being, which gave it the ability to communicate with Michael Knight and assist him in his missions. The AI system was so advanced that KITT could learn new skills and adapt to new situations.

2. Turbo Boost

Another iconic feature of Knight Rider KITT was its Turbo Boost system. KITT could jump over obstacles, fly through the air, and even drive on two wheels with the help of its Turbo Boost. This feature made KITT one of the coolest cars on TV and a fan favorite.

3. Super Pursuit Mode

Knight Rider KITT also had a Super Pursuit Mode, which made it even faster than it already was. The Super Pursuit Mode could activate after KITT reached a certain speed, and it would make the car faster, stronger, and more agile.

4. Weapons System

KITT was equipped with a range of advanced weapons, including missiles, flamethrowers, and machine guns. The weapons system was a last resort for Michael Knight and KITT, but it was always good to have it in case of emergency.

5. Self-Driving Mode

KITT could also drive itself, which was a groundbreaking feature at the time. The Self-Driving Mode was activated by Michael Knight using his watch, and it allowed KITT to navigate through traffic and even drive itself to Michael’s location.

The Legacy of Knight Rider KITT

Knight Rider KITT became an instant pop culture icon when it first appeared on TV in 1982. The car’s sleek design, advanced technology, and unique personality made it one of the most memorable vehicles in TV history. The popularity of Knight Rider KITT led to a range of merchandise, including toy cars, video games, and even a feature film in 2008.

Knight Rider KITT also paved the way for future shows and movies featuring advanced cars with AI systems. Shows like Knight Rider 2000 and movies like Transformers were clearly inspired by the success of Knight Rider and the popularity

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