Hazelwood disqualified from Race 3, qualifying

Supercars Championship Results, Todd Hazelwood has been thrown out of the opening Supercars race at Albert Park for a technical breach. The Blanchard Racing Team Mustang was found to be running an incorrect drop gear in its transaxle at the end of Thursday’s running at the Melbourne circuit.

Hazelwood disqualified from Race 3, qualifying
Hazelwood disqualified from Race 3, qualifying

Todd Hazelwood has been disqualified from Race 3, and sent to the rear for Race 4, over a technical breach.Hazelwood’s #3 CoolDrive Racing Ford Mustang was found to have had an an incorrect drop-gear ratio applied.

The 2017 Super2 champion came home 25th and last in Thursday’s Beaurepaires Melbourne SuperSprint opener.

Hazelwood has since been disqualified from both Thursday qualifying sessions and Thursday’s Race 3 results.

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He has also been relegated to the rear of the grid for Friday’s 15-lap sprint, Race 4.

The #3 CoolDrive Ford had been set to start from 24th for the race.

The penalties also drop Hazelwood to 19th overall behind Will Davison, Tim Slade and Thomas Randle in the drivers’ standings.

Motorsport Australia advised of the disqualifications just prior to Friday’s race, which will commence at 2:55pm local time.

“Car 3 (Hazelwood) is disqualified from Thursday’s #AusGP race (Race 3) for an incorrect drop-gear ratio,” Motorsport Australia communications reads.

“He will also start rear of grid in today’s race (Race 4).”

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Shane van Gisbergen (#97 Red Bull Ampol Camaro) won Thursday’s race ahead of Coca-Cola Camaro teammates Brodie Kostecki and Will Brown.

Van Gisbergen and Brown will share the front row for Friday’s race, which is scheduled for 15 laps.

Todd Hazelwood
Hazelwood disqualified from Race 3, qualifying 4

Todd Hazelwood: The Rising Star of Australian Supercars

When it comes to Australian Supercars, one name that has been making waves in recent years is Todd Hazelwood. The South Australian driver has been steadily climbing the ranks in the highly competitive motorsport category, impressing fans and fellow drivers alike with his speed, skill, and determination. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the career of Todd Hazelwood and what makes him such a rising star in Australian Supercars.

Early Years and Entry into Motorsports

Todd Hazelwood was born on June 9th, 1995, in Adelaide, South Australia. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in motorsports, inspired by his father who was also a racing enthusiast. Hazelwood began his racing career in go-karts at the age of 7, where he quickly made a name for himself as a talented driver.

At the age of 16, Hazelwood made the move to Formula Ford, a stepping stone category for young drivers aspiring to reach the higher ranks of motorsports. He had immediate success in the category, winning the South Australian Formula Ford Championship in his debut year. This success caught the attention of Supercars teams, and in 2014, Hazelwood was offered a drive in the Dunlop Super2 Series with Matt Stone Racing.

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Rise to Prominence in Supercars

Hazelwood’s debut season in the Dunlop Super2 Series was a promising one. He finished in 10th place overall and earned his first podium finish in the category at the Sydney Motorsport Park round. In 2015, he improved to 7th place in the championship and earned another podium finish at the Bathurst 250 km race.

In 2017, Hazelwood took a major step forward in his career. He signed with the newly-formed Matt Stone Racing Supercars team to compete in the main Supercars championship. The team ran a single-car entry, with Hazelwood driving the #35 Holden Commodore. Despite being a rookie in the category, Hazelwood impressed with his consistent performances, finishing in the top 20 in 18 of the 26 races. He also earned his first top 10 finish at the Sandown 500, finishing in 8th place.

The following year, Hazelwood continued to build on his success. He finished in the top 20 in all but one of the races, earning a career-best finish of 6th place at the Gold Coast 600. He also earned his first pole position at the Queensland Raceway round, further cementing his status as a rising star in Supercars.

Current Status and Future Prospects

As of 2023, Todd Hazelwood continues to race for Matt Stone Racing in the Supercars championship. He has established himself as one of the top young drivers in the category, impressing fans and fellow drivers with his speed, skill, and determination. While he has yet to earn a race win in the category, he has shown consistent improvement over the years and is widely expected to break through for his first victory in the near future.

Looking ahead, there is no doubt that Todd Hazelwood has a bright future in Australian Supercars. With his talent and dedication, he is sure to continue climbing the ranks and competing at the highest levels of the sport. Whether he will eventually win a championship or become one of the sport’s all-time greats remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Todd Hazelwood is a name to watch in Australian Supercars.


Todd Hazelwood is a rising star in Australian Supercars, known for his speed, skill, and determination on the track. From his early yearsin go-karts to his entry into motorsports and rise to prominence in Supercars, Hazelwood’s career has been marked by consistent improvement and impressive performances. As he continues to compete in the main Supercars championship, fans and fellow drivers alike are eagerly watching to see what he will achieve next.

One of the things that sets Hazelwood apart from other drivers is his commitment to giving back to the community. He is involved in a number of charitable organizations, including the Variety Children’s Charity and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation. Hazelwood has also been a strong advocate for mental health awareness, using his platform to raise awareness and encourage others to seek help when needed.

Despite his success on the track, Hazelwood remains humble and focused on improving his skills as a driver. He spends countless hours studying track data, analyzing his own performance, and working with his team to fine-tune the setup of his car. His dedication to his craft is a testament to his passion for the sport and his desire to be the best he can be.

In the coming years, it will be exciting to watch Todd Hazelwood continue to compete in Australian Supercars and see what he can achieve. With his talent, determination, and commitment to the sport and the community, he is sure to be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come. Whether he will eventually win a championship or become one of the sport’s all-time greats remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Todd Hazelwood is a name that every Australian Supercars fan should be watching closely.

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