Supercars launches into new era with new brand TVC

Supercars Championship Results,

Supercars, via WILDCARD, has today launched a new brand platform, ‘Unforgettable’, with the release of a brand TVC designed to show that the great moments of being a Supercars fan last forever, but the greatest moments are yet to become.

Supercars launches into new era with new brand TVC
Supercars launches into new era with new brand TVC

Brand strategy, creative direction and production was led by WILDCARD, who aimed to challenge the traditional perception of the Repco Supercars Championship and tap into the emotions that fans feel as they witness the power, the speed, the energy, the noise, and the history being made at every Supercars event.

The launch of the TVC marks the starting line for a full brand reset to uncover the beauty and grace which sits beneath the chaos and thrill of Supercars greatest moments.

The ‘Unforgettable’ positioning will flow through all Supercars marketing assets for the 2023 season including OOH, radio ads, digital banners, and event branding.

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On today’s release, Supercars Chief of Strategy Mark Pejic said: “This is the most exciting period for the sport of Supercars that we have seen in a generation. The advent of the Gen3 era Supercars will refine the sport as we know it.

“We’re proud to enter this new age of our sport under the ‘Unforgettable’ banner.

“Once you experience the feeling of Supercars it stays with you forever. Whether you are a seasoned fan, or it’s your first time at the track, one thing is for certain, you won’t forget it.

2023 Repco Supercars Championship Results

“WILDCARD have expertly sewn this feeling into our new brand platform whilst harnessing the nostalgia of the greatest Supercars moments.

“Ultimately creating an emotive proposition that can connect with our existing fans and attract new fans into our sport.”

WILDCARD Creative Director Tom Meredith said: “We wanted to honour a sport steeped in history by helping to define fan’s emotive connection to the sport.

“The feeling of Supercars is often hard to describe but the memories of the great moments, races and drivers last forever – this came through strongly in our research.

“It’s Bathurst 2006, It’s Skaife vs Ingall, it’s Ambrose and Murphy nose to nose, it’s Scott McLaughlin and Jamie Whincup at Newcastle in 2017. Fans always recall the thrill of it all.

“Supercars is loud, powerful, and chaotic, yet it is graceful in its technicality; the car, driver and mechanics are beautifully in tune. The concept for the TVC shows the beauty in the chaos of the sport we all love.”

The inaugural season of the Gen3 era, the 2023 Repco Supercars Championship, will be contested over 12 rounds ending on the famous Adelaide street circuit in November 2023. For tickets to events head to

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