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A Comprehensive Review of the Citroen Jumper: Performance, Features, and More

The Citroen Jumper is a versatile and reliable commercial vehicle that has gained popularity among businesses and individuals alike. In this blog post, we will delve into a comprehensive review of the Citroen Jumper, exploring its performance, features, safety, comfort, and more. Whether you are considering purchasing a new van for your business or you simply want to explore the capabilities of the Jumper, this review will provide you with valuable insights.

A Comprehensive Review of the Citroen Jumper: Performance, Features, and More
A Comprehensive Review of the Citroen Jumper: Performance, Features, and More

1. Performance of Citroen Jumper

The Citroen Jumper truly stands out with its remarkable selection of engines, ensuring that there is a perfect choice for every driver’s specific requirements. Whether it’s the reliable and efficient 2.2-liter diesel engine or the commanding and forceful 3.0-liter BlueHDi variant, the Jumper delivers an abundance of power and torque that effortlessly conquers any challenge that comes its way. Thanks to its resilient engine options, the Jumper effortlessly handles heavy loads without compromising on a comfortable and seamless driving experience, be it through bustling city streets or long stretches of open highways.

2. Interior Space and Cargo Capacity of Citroen Jumper

One of the standout features of the Citroen Jumper is its exceptional interior space and cargo capacity. With a variety of body lengths and heights available, the Jumper can accommodate different cargo requirements. Whether you need to transport goods or set up a mobile workshop, the Jumper provides ample space to meet your needs. Additionally, the van offers various storage compartments and shelves, ensuring that you can organize your tools and equipment efficiently.

Nouveau Citroen Jumper

The interior is purely practical, with lots of storage compartments. However, there is nowhere to put your mobile phone or small items that need to be readily accessible. Although you can place them on the ceiling shelf, it can be inconvenient to search for them while driving. Alternatively, you can put small items on the folded-out surface of the middle seatback, but they may slide from side to side. The controls are simple and well laid out, including those on the steering wheel. The only issue I had was setting up the air conditioning and heating using the independent ventilation system behind the front row of seats. In terms of the view from the car, visibility is good in the forward direction, but not as good to the sides.

Citroen Jumper 2019 169FullWidth

The round line of the B-pillar looks nice, but it forces you to lean forward at intersections with sharp angles, which is annoying and unnecessary. I found the driver’s seat comfortable, especially with its gas suspension. The armrest was also in a convenient position. However, the other two front seats were less comfortable, as my back started to hurt after a 100-kilometer journey. The rear seats provide decent lateral support for a van, but only the outer ones are comfortable. Thanks to the large doors, getting in and out of all the seats was trouble-free, as was loading luggage in the back where there was ample space.

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3. Comfort and Ergonomics of Citroen Jumper

citroen jumper l 01

Citroen has placed great emphasis on ensuring the utmost comfort and ergonomics in the design of the Jumper. The spacious cabin has been meticulously crafted to provide passengers with an exceptional driving experience, whether it be a short commute or a long journey. The seats have been thoughtfully designed to offer both support and adjustability, ensuring that drivers can easily find their preferred position and remain comfortable throughout their drive. The dashboard has been intelligently organized, with controls that are both intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, the instrument cluster has been designed to be clear and easily readable, ensuring that important information is readily accessible to the driver at all times. With its focus on comfort and ergonomics, the Citroen Jumper truly stands out as a vehicle that prioritizes driver satisfaction and enjoyment.

4. Safety Features of Citroen Jumper

2022 citroen jumper chassis cab

Safety is of utmost importance in the Citroen Jumper, which is clearly demonstrated by its extensive array of safety features. This remarkable van is equipped with cutting-edge driver assistance systems, including lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and rear parking sensors, ensuring that you stay safe and aware on the road. Moreover, the Jumper boasts stability control, ABS brakes, and numerous airbags to provide you with an extra layer of reassurance and tranquility while driving. To further enhance its safety credentials, this exceptional vehicle is built with a sturdy construction and a robust chassis, making it even more reliable and secure.

5. Connectivity and Technology of Citroen Jumper

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In today’s digital age, connectivity is more important than ever. The Citroen Jumper offers a range of convenient features to ensure drivers stay connected while on the go. The van includes a touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing drivers to make hands-free calls and stream music effortlessly. USB ports and auxiliary inputs are also provided for charging devices and connecting external audio sources.

6. Fuel Efficiency of Citroen Jumper

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In today’s world, where fuel costs seem to be constantly on the rise, it is no wonder that fuel efficiency has become a top priority for vehicle owners. When it comes to the Citroen Jumper, it truly shines in this aspect. Whether you opt for the petrol or diesel engine, this vehicle offers an impressive fuel efficiency that is hard to beat.

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However, it is the BlueHDi diesel engines that truly steal the show in terms of mileage and performance. These engines not only provide excellent fuel economy, but also deliver the power and performance that drivers crave. Additionally, the Jumper’s aerodynamic design plays a key role in its overall fuel efficiency. By reducing drag and optimizing airflow, this design feature helps to further improve the vehicle’s fuel consumption. So, whether you’re a city dweller or a long-distance traveler, the Citroen Jumper is an excellent choice for those who value fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.

7. Handling and Maneuverability of Citroen Jumper

Despite its larger size, the Citen Jumper surprises with its excellent handling and maneuver. van’s responsive steering and well-tuned suspension make it easy to navigate through city streets or winding country roads. The Jumper compact turning circle further enhances its maneuverability allowing drivers to park or make U-turns in confined spaces with ease.


The car we tested was equipped with the most powerful diesel four-cylinder 3.0 HDI engine, producing 180 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Nm, available from 1700 rpm. The result is clear! It doesn’t matter how many passengers you carry or what load you put in the back. With this unit, the Jumper will transport everything without any problems and will not hinder traffic. At the same time, your wallet will also benefit, as it will require around 8.5 l/100 km for work done in districts, and on the highway, expect consumption of about 10 liters per 100 kilometers.

The number of passengers does not have a major effect on consumption, thanks to the torque. The six-speed manual transmission complements the engine well and greatly contributes to economical driving by allowing the engine to run at lower revs on the highway, making it quieter. The suspension is a bit jumpy when the load is low, but after loading, it naturally settles down and provides a smooth ride. How could it not? After all, it is assumed that the car will be fully loaded for most of its journey.

8. Maintenance Running Costs of Citroen Jumper

When considering a commercial vehicle like theroen Jumper, it is important to assess its long-term running costs. Fortunately, the Jumper offers competitive maintenance and running costs compared to its counterparts in the market. Citroen’s extensive dealer network ensures that servicing and spare parts are readily available at reasonable prices. Furthermore, the Jumper’s durability and reliability help minimize unexpected repair costs, making it an economical choice for businesses.

9. Customization Options of Citroen Jumper


The Citroen Jumper offers an array of customization options to suit individual needs. Whether you require additional seating, specific storage solutions, or specialized equipment installations, Citroen provides a range of optional extras that allow you to tailor the Jumper to your exact requirements. This level of customization ensures that the van can adapt to various industries and business needs.

10. A Comprehensive Review of the Citroen Jumper

Finally, let’s talk about pricing and warranty. The Citroen Jumper is competitively priced compared to other vans in its class, making it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes. Citroen also offers a comprehensive warranty package for added peace of mind. The standard warranty covers the van for three years or up to a certain mileage limit, while extended warranty options are available for those who require extra coverage.

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The Citroen Jumper is a versatile commercial vehicle that excels in performance, cargo capacity, comfort, safety features, and fuel efficiency. Its superior handling and maneuverability make it an excellent choice for both city driving and long-distance journeys. With its range of customization options and competitive pricing, the Citroen Jumper stands out as a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses in need of a dependable commercial van.

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