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2024 Kia Sorento Review: Unveiling the Next Generation

So, after many times of “waiting”, on September 14, Thaco officially introduced the 4th generation of Sorento with the full name Kia Sorento 2024 All New. With a spectacular transformation in terms of interior, exterior and equipment design, Kia Sorento 2024 is considered a blockbuster that will explode the Vietnamese car market in the second half of 2023.

2024 Kia Sorento Review: Unveiling the Next Generation
2024 Kia Sorento Review: Unveiling the Next Generation

Overview 2024 Kia Sorento

You might think Kia already has the mid-size SUV market covered with the popular Telluride three-row and the new EV9 electric SUV. However, the 2024 Sorento is the brand’s utility player in this class. Unlike the Telluride and EV9, both of which are offered with just one powertrain each, the Sorento is offered with four – two of which are hybrids. You can choose a base model with a nonturbo four-cylinder and front-wheel drive if you’re on a budget. Alternatively, you can splurge on a turbocharged X-Pro model with some light off-roading gear and a range of interior luxuries if you’re feeling spendy.

21426 2025 Sorento HEV

The plug-in hybrid model can take you up to an estimated 32 miles on electricity before its gas engine kicks in. However, if you want electrification without the complication of charging, the regular hybrid provides an extra acceleration kick and good fuel economy too. What’s more, all these variants come standard with three rows of seats, although there is less space than in the Telluride’s rearmost row.

2024 Kia Sorento FACELIFT PE NEW

Kia has given the nonhybrid trims of the 2024 Sorento a mid-cycle refresh that primarily focuses on appearances. The most notable changes include a fresh front grille and revised taillights. Additionally, the Sorento receives updated wheel designs and other minor tweaks. The cabin has also been updated with changes to the dashboard and infotainment system. Furthermore, new X-Line and X-Pro trims have been introduced to give the Sorento a more rugged appeal. The hybrid models, on the other hand, remain unchanged for 2024 but will receive the same styling enhancements as the 2025 models.

2024 kia sorento phev right 3qtr

Exterior Design of the 2024 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento 2024 has an overall size of 4810 x 1900 x 1700mm, 125mm longer, 15mm wider than its predecessor, wheelbase 2815mm, ground clearance 176mm. The company not only changed the exterior details but also expanded the size of its car model, making the car more aggressive on the outside and more spacious on the inside.

kia sorento 2024 xuat hien voi d

No longer having a rounded and “less luxurious” appearance like its predecessor, the front of the 2024 Sorento is much stronger with a tiger tongue-shaped grille painted black to increase the sportiness of the car. The lighting cluster has a completely new shape, made up of 3 sharp “tiger eye” LED Projector lights. All are surrounded by a small, glossy chrome-plated aluminum frame covering the front of the car with a beautiful inverted L-shaped LED daytime identification light strip.

2024 kia sorento cargo area

Full LED technology fog lights are located in the front bumper area expanded to the sides. The above details combined with the embossed lines of the hood have created a design that is bolder and more exciting than ever.


Looking from the side, it’s easy to see the new details of the 2024 Sorento compared to its “juniors”. The first thing to mention is a silver-painted decorative piece in the middle of the A-pillar area, followed by a set of 19-inch dual-spoke 5-spoke wheels with a scratched design that somewhat strengthens the car’s sturdiness. The door handles and rearview mirrors are painted the same color as the car’s body. The hood is longer because the car’s wheelbase has been increased by 35mm.

2024 Kia Sorento show floor 1

The completely new taillight cluster is divided into two separate parts placed vertically on the vehicle body instead of horizontally. This vertical design is quite similar to its brother Kia Telluride. The words SORENTO in glossy chrome plating are embossed on the trunk wing as a new identification effect. To highlight its youthful style, the car has underbody protection panels at the front and rear along with an integrated spoiler.

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Powerful Performance of the 2024 Kia Sorento

In the domestic market, KIA Sorento 2024 has 2 engine options including:

  • Smartstream diesel engine with capacity of 2.2 liters, capacity of 198 horsepower, torque of 440Nm, 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission
  • 2.5L Smartstream gasoline engine produces maximum power of 177 horsepower, maximum torque and comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission

chi tiet xe kia sorento 2024 gia

Both engines above are equipped with AWD 4-wheel drive system. The car has 4 driving modes Comfort/Eco/Sport/Smart (Smart mode will automatically switch between the remaining 3 modes to suit the driver’s habits). In addition, there are 3 operating modes for snowy, sandy and muddy terrain (Snow/Sand/Mud).

It is impossible not to mention the completely new New Life Platform chassis that was first put into use by KIA-Hyundai. Sorento 2024 is the first SUV model to be equipped with this solid chassis.

2022 kia sorento sx 166032729894

New chassis weight reduced by 5.6%, tensile strength increased by 4% compared to the previous generation Sorento. In addition, the frame, body as well as suspension system are also newly designed to both ensure safety and increase comfort for people sitting inside, promising the 2024 Sorento will bring an extremely enjoyable operating experience. smooth, sturdy, safe.


Interior Comfort of the 2024 Kia Sorento

Except for Hyundai Santafe, the cockpit of Kia Sorento 2024 is on a completely different level compared to two other competitors such as Toyota Fortuner and Honda CR-V. Stepping inside, it’s easy to see that the dashboard area still has a rather chubby design but has been tweaked by KIA to make it much slimmer and more harmonious.

2024 kia sorento 3

KIA Sorento 2024 has an infotainment system screen quite similar to the recently launched KIA Seltos. With a 2-screen design including a 10.25-inch entertainment screen and a 12.3-inch digital clock.

With an almost interconnected design, it will bring a new experience as well as create the best comfort for the driver. Below are 2 air conditioning vents with borders covered with a glossy aluminum frame placed symmetrically on both sides, creating an impressive highlight for the car.

d133ac6e 20200724 024521

The 4-spoke sports steering wheel is covered with soft leather for a very firm grip. The center area of the steering wheel has now been rounded out by KIA, giving it a much more luxurious and innovative feel.

With the upgrade of the wheelbase from 2780mm to 2815mm, KIA Sorento 2024 confidently meets customers’ needs for a comfortable passenger compartment with spacious legroom. In particular, the 6-seat version offers a unique seat layout design when the second row of seats has been removed from the middle seating position, thereby providing 2 completely separate seating positions. This design makes Users think of luxury cars like Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.

sorento 2024 03

According to initial experience, the 2nd and 3rd rows of the car are very spacious when combined with passengers with a height of 1m8 in the 2nd row and passengers with a height of over 1m7 in the 3rd row. This advantage helped the Sorento 2024 surpass the Hyundai Santafe 2024 as well as the Honda CRV 2024 because these two models have a third row of seats that is not really spacious, especially the Honda CR-V.

sorento 2024 01

All seats on the Sorento 2024 are covered with high-quality Nappa leather. The Sorento’s 2nd and 3rd rows are also equipped with air conditioning vents and convenient USB connection ports. Unfortunately, the most advanced gasoline version of the Signature does not have an integrated electric seat function for the second row.

KIA advertises the Sorento 2024 as a model with the largest luggage compartment in the segment. With the predecessor Kia Sorento also providing customers with a spacious luggage compartment, with the 2024 version having its length and width expanded, the above advertisements are completely well-founded.

sorento 2024 02

The 2024 Kia Sorento offers impressive cargo space that can accommodate all your gear and belongings. With all seats in place, it provides 12.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row. Folding down the third-row seats expands the cargo area to 45 cubic feet, while folding down both the second and third rows opens up a maximum cargo capacity of 75.5 cubic feet. The available hands-free power liftgate makes loading and unloading your belongings effortless.

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Technology of the 2024 Kia Sorento

In terms of technology, the Sorento is equipped with an impressive array of features. The standard infotainment system includes an 8-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, and a six-speaker audio system. Higher trims offer an upgraded 10.25-inch touchscreen display with built-in navigation and a premium Bose sound system. The available wireless charging pad ensures that your devices stay powered up on the go.

kia sorento 2024 10 0936094

KIA Sorento 2024 is equipped with a series of amenities as follows:

  • The infotainment system connects many devices AUX, USB, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Ipod
  • Premium 12-speaker Bose surround sound system
  • Air conditioning system with 2 independent zones, 3 wind modes
  • 7-color Moonlight lighting system with 64 options
  • Remote start via smart electronic lock
  • Smart electric seat heating and cooling
  • The new KIA Pay feature makes it easy to pay fuel pump and dump fees directly through the car’s central screen.
  • Panorama sunroof, sun blinds (2nd row)
  • Wireless charging
  • Cooling seats, heating steering wheel

023645l kia sorento 2024 se dung

Safety Features of the 2024 Kia Sorento

Kia has always prioritized safety in their vehicles, and the 2024 Sorento is no exception. This SUV comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features that enhance driver confidence and protect occupants. Standard safety features include forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and a rearview camera.

2024 Kia Sorento Render

For added peace of mind, Kia offers several available safety options such as adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, a surround-view camera system, and a head-up display that projects vital information onto the windshield.


Kia Sorento 2024 possesses a series of the most modern safety technologies such as:

  • Blind spot warning
  • Avoid frontal collisions
  • Forward collision avoidance assist
  • Supports smart parking with remote control
  • Warning about driver distraction
  • Safety system of 6 airbags
  • Camera 360
  • Rear cross-traffic warning
  • Assists in avoiding collisions in blind spots
  • Support driving on the highway
  • Supports automatic speed limiting
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Stop & Go feature for smart cruise control
  • ABS/EBD/ESP braking system

2024 KIA Sorento 2

Fuel Efficiency of the 2024 Kia Sorento

With rising fuel prices and growing environmental concerns, fuel efficiency is an important consideration for many car buyers. The 2024 Kia Sorento addresses this need by offering excellent fuel economy across its powertrain options. The standard four-cylinder engine achieves an EPA-estimated 27 mpg combined (24 city/32 highway), while the turbocharged variant delivers an estimated 25 mpg combined (22 city/29 highway). Opting for the hybrid powertrain provides even greater fuel efficiency with an estimated 39 mpg combined (37 city/43 highway).

2024 kia sorento phev 001

Trim Levels and Pricing of the 2024 Kia Sorento

The 2024 Kia Sorento is available in five different trim levels: LX, S, EX, SX, and SX-Prestige. The base LX trim starts at an MSRP of $30,560, offering an excellent value for its extensive list of standard features. As you move up the trim levels, you’ll find additional luxury amenities and advanced technologies but at a higher price point. The top-of-the-line SX-Prestige trim starts at $40,590 and offers the most premium features available in the Sorento lineup.

$32,000 (est)
S $34,000 (est)
EX $37,000 (est)
EX Hybrid $38,015
EX X-Line $39,000 (est)
SX $41,000 (est)
SX X-Line $43,000 (est)
SX Prestige Hybrid $43,815
SX Prestige $44,000 (est)
SX Prestige X-Pro $46,000 (est)
SX Prestige PHEV $51,315

Even though the 2024 EX Hybrid does not receive the facelifted styling, we still appreciate its features. It is more expensive than the base Sorento but comes with the turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder hybrid powertrain, which is more powerful than the nonhybrid option. The EX Hybrid also offers better amenities compared to the lower trims. These include faux-leather upholstery, heated front seats, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and remote start.

intro 1700070723

Specifications of the 2024 Kia Sorento

2024 Kia Sorento EX Hybrid Vehicle Type: front-engine, front-motor, front-wheel-drive, 6-passenger, 4-door wagon
PRICE Base/As Tested: $37,765/$38,210
Options: Runway Red paint, $445
POWERTRAIN turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve 1.6-liter inline-4, 177 hp, 195 lb-ft + AC motor, 59 hp, 195 lb-ft (combined output: 227 hp, 258 lb-ft); 1.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
CHASSIS Suspension, F/R: struts/multilink
Brakes, F/R: 12.8-in vented disc/12.8-in vented disc
Tires: Nexen Roadian GTX SUV
235/65R-17 104h M+S
DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 110.8 in
Length: 189.4 in
Width: 74.8 in
Height: 66.7 in
Passenger Volume: 143 ft3
Cargo Volume: 13 ft3
Curb Weight: 4095 lb
C/D TEST RESULTS 60 mph: 7.2 sec
1/4-Mile: 15.6 sec @ 92 mph
100 mph: 19.0 sec
120 mph: 30.9 sec
Results above omit 1-ft rollout of 0.4 sec.
Rolling Start, 5–60 mph: 7.9 sec
Top Gear, 30–50 mph: 4.1 sec
Top Gear, 50–70 mph: 5.1 sec
Top Speed (gov ltd): 122 mph
Braking, 70–0 mph: 181 ft
Roadholding, 300-ft Skidpad: 0.81 g
C/D FUEL ECONOMY Observed: 33 mpg
75-mph Highway Driving: 31 mpg
Highway Range: 540 mi
EPA FUEL ECONOMY Combined/City/Highway: 37/39/35 mpg
2024 Kia Sorento PHEV SX Prestige  Vehicle Type: front-engine, front-motor, all-wheel-drive, 6-passenger, 4-door wagon
PRICE Base/As Tested: $46,405/$49,960
POWERTRAIN turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve 1.6-liter inline-4, 177 hp, 195 lb-ft + AC motor, 90 hp, 224 lb-ft (combined output: 261 hp, 258 lb-ft; 11.8-kWh lithium-ion battery pack; 3.8-kW onboard charger)
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
CHASSIS Suspension, F/R: struts/multilink
Brakes, F/R: 12.8-in vented disc/12.8-in vented disc
Tires: Continental CrossContact LX Sport
235/55R-19 101H M+S
DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 110.8 in
Length: 189.4 in
Width: 74.8 in
Height: 66.7 in
Passenger Volume: 142 ft3
Cargo Volume: 13 ft3
Curb Weight: 4490 lb
C/D TEST RESULTS 60 mph: 7.6 sec
1/4-Mile: 15.8 sec @ 89 mph
100 mph: 21.5 sec
Results above omit 1-ft rollout of 0.3 sec.
Rolling Start, 5–60 mph: 7.8 sec
Top Gear, 30–50 mph: 3.9 sec
Top Gear, 50–70 mph: 5.0 sec
Top Speed (gov ltd): 127 mph
Braking, 70–0 mph: 162 ft
C/D FUEL ECONOMY Observed: 26 MPGe
75-mph Highway Driving, Hybrid mode: 25 mpg
Highway Range, Hybrid mode: 310 mi
EPA FUEL ECONOMY Combined/City/Highway: 34/35/33 mpg
Combined Gasoline + Electricity: 79 MPGe
EV Range: 32 mi

Feelings about 2024 Kia Sorento

The 2024 Kia Sorento raises the bar for what an SUV can be. With its striking design, powerful performance options, advanced safety features, spacious interior, and smart technology integration, it caters to a wide range of drivers’ needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly vehicle or a versatile SUV for your daily adventures, the 2024 Kia Sorento is definitely worth considering as your next vehicle purchase.


So why wait? Visit your nearest Kia dealership today to experience firsthand what makes the 2024 Kia Sorento stand out from the competition!


When it comes to driving dynamics, the 2024 Kia Sorento delivers a smooth and composed ride. The suspension system effectively absorbs bumps and road imperfections, ensuring a comfortable journey for both driver and passengers. The precise steering and responsive handling make maneuvering through city streets or winding roads a breeze. Whether you’re navigating through traffic or embarking on an adventurous road trip, the Sorento offers a confident and enjoyable driving experience.

2024 Kia Sorento News 1001x565 6


FAQ: 2024 Kia Sorento

Will there be a 2024 Sorento?

The 2024 Sorento is expected to go on sale in the first quarter of 2024 in LX, S, EX, SX, and SX-P trims, with the X-Line available on EX and above and X-Pro on SX-P. Sorento HEV and PHEV models are anticipated to hit dealerships later next year as 2025 models.

How much will a 2024 Kia Sorento cost?

Kia offers the 2024 Sorento Hybrid in two trims: EX and SX Prestige. We think the entry-level model is the better buy as the standard equipment list is impressive. Pricing with destination starts just over $38,000 with FWD and just over $40,000 with AWD.

What colors will the 2024 Kia Sorento come in?

New exterior colors include Midnight Lake Blue and Dawning Red. Otherwise, the 2024 Sorento retains its lines—really, despite the new mug, it’s more similar to the 2023 model than not.

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